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Atari Jaguar Videos Updated (15 Videos)


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Recently Atari Jaguar emulation has improved and many more games are now playable. 15 new videos were added. Thanks to member DamnedRegistrations for the submissions.

Videos Added/Replaced

  • Atari Karts (World)
  • Defender 2000 (World)
  • Evolution - Dino Dudes (World)
  • Fight for Life (World)
  • Kasumi Ninja (World)
  • NBA Jam T.E. (World)
  • Protector - Special Edition (World)
  • Rayman (World)
  • SuperCross 3D (World)
  • Syndicate (World)
  • Tempest 2000 (World)
  • Total Carnage (World)
  • Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy (World)
  • Worms (World)
  • Zero 5 (World)

EmuMovies DSU 2.00
Last Updated Mar 02 2014 05:03 PM

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I did try Flip Out. It does run but it's too buggy and runs way too fast, I could never last long enough to even record footage. You're supposed to flip some tiles and match the greens or something, but all the tiles keep flashing and glitching. Drove me nuts so I gave up.

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OK. I made a post some time ago about Jaguar Videos. I mentioned some games that could be redone with better audio. Take a look if you want. I remember that the Rayman video is lacking all sound. Good job on these by the way.


I can't figure out how to post a link and I can't paste it either.


It's called "Many more games playable with latest Virtual Jaguar GIT release.





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I did those 4 games that have better audio including Rayman. Circo noted them above. Shouldn't be anything left for this system until Virtual Jag gets updated again.

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Oh, sorry. I didn't see that. Strange. I still got bad/no audio in those after running hypersync.

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Yeah I noticed that not everything is updating through Hypersync properly, same for the DS vids I did. I just grabbed them all manually off FTP here. Just sort them by "Last Modified" in Filezilla to make it easier.

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