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    Can you explain how this works. It says version 1.1 and that it was updated yesterday. But on the FTP, version 1.1 is dated 2019-07-02. I'm a little confused.
  1. I would like to request a video for this N64 game since it has so many differences from the USA version.
  2. Just curious. What do you use to adjust volume levels in videos?
    I've been wondering about something on this site. Take this video for example. It says it was updated 5 hours ago. What was updated and why is there no info about it? Thanks for all the great stuff you put on here.
  3. Fantastic. I was thinking the other day about asking you to do these. Thank you.
  4. @Circo Thanks for the massive effort of updating these videos. I did notice the following: "ATV - Quad Power Racing 2 (USA" should be "ATV - Quad Power Racing 2 (USA)" "Cocoto Funfair (Europe) G" should be "Cocoto Funfair (Europe)" "Donkey Konga 3 (USA)" should be "Donkey Konga 3 (Japan)" "NFL 06 (USA)" should be "NHL 06 (USA)" "Zapper - One Wicked Cricket! (USA) " should be "Zapper - One Wicked Cricket! (USA)" There is an extra space at the end. The following are not new snaps but I noticed this: "Neighbors from Hell (Europe)" is the same snap as "Neighbours From H
  5. I only got 189 new ones when running Hypersync so I thought I would get the rest from the FTP but I can't find them. Last updated GC video is from 2018-07-26. Will you put these on the FTP? Edit: It seems like I'm missing some of the Japanese games. However I noticed that "ATV - Quad Power Racing 2 (USA.mp4" did not sync. Maby it's because it's missing the last ")". I would like to manually get the rest just in case there are others that didn't sync.
  6. These are awesome. Very much appreciated. Thank you.
  7. The current one is not of very good quality so it would be greatly appreciated if we could get a new one. As always, thanks for your awesome work.
  8. I found another one: Cabela's Big Game Hunter - 2005 Adventures (No Audio)
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