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  1. I get no sound when using this video in Hyperspin. Works good when played in VLC. I got it from the FTP. Edit: The FTP only had the HD version. After getting the HQ one from the web, it worked great. Thanks.
  2. I'm not sure if it's because I'm using Hypersync, but I get a 0 byte file when syncing: Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People - Episode 4 - Dangeresque 3 - The Criminal Projective (USA). Using the FTP, there were no problems. Also, these games didn't sync at all even though the names match my DB 100%: Adventure Island - The Beginning (USA).mp4 Blaster Master - Overdrive (USA) Castlevania - The Adventure ReBirth (USA) Chronos Twins DX (USA) Contra ReBirth (USA) Darts Wii (Japan) Gravitronix (USA) Happy Holidays - Christmas (USA) Happy Holidays - Halloween (USA) Learning with The PooYoos - Episode 1 (USA) MDK2 (USA) Mega Man 10 (USA) Mega Man 9 (USA) Othello (Japan) I was also able to get these from the FTP. Edit; I just realized that the files that didn't sync were older videos in 4:3 format.
  3. This is awesome. Thank you. What DB was used for these. The old one that I've been using has over 450 entries in it.
  4. I have a similar problem using Chrome. Error code 2T187/3. I completely wiped out all history in the browser, No change. It's the same in IE11.
  5. Commodore 64 Updated (128 Videos)

    Sorry if I'm being stupid here, but are videos that are released here beeing added to Hypersync? I still can't sync the new C64 videos,
  6. Commodore 64 Updated (128 Videos)

    I can't find these on the FTP. The folder "/Official/Video Snap Packs (480p)(HQ)/Commodore 64 (Video Snaps)(HQ-480p)(EM 20160125)/" still has 718 files. All with that date. Another thing. Are video releases beeing added to Hypersync? I tried syncing the last 4 SMS videos that was released the other day, but I had to get them from the FTP. Thank you for your dedication.
  7. New System Intro Videos

    Great stuff!
  8. C64 Games that sync wrong videos.

    Yeah, maby. Not sure exactly how it works.
  9. I have found that these games will sync the wrong movies when using hypersync. They all have similar names to other games that do sync the right movies. I was thinking maby this would be fixed if the correct snaps were uploaded for these games, So I'm making requests for these. Castle of Terror (CP Verlag - Magic Disk 64) (Europe) Frankenstein (CRL) (Europe) Loco (Coplin Software) (USA) Moon Patrol (Avalon Hill Microcomputer Games, Inc.) (USA) Rats (Europe) Also, this one keeps downloading a 0 kb video. Hunchback II - Quasimodo's Revenge (Europe) Thank you.
  10. touhou videos

    I'll add that one when the full game is released.
  11. touhou videos

    I have youtube ripped versions of the first Three. I don't Think there are proper ones available.