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Incorrect MAME 480p video snap - Puzz Loop (puzzloop.mp4)


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Just an FYI for the people that maintain the videos/FTP site:


The 480p video snap for "puzzloop" on the FTP server (located at /Official/Video Snaps [MP4][480p]/Arcade Collections/MAME [Videos][MP4][480p][MAME .148][EM 20130408]/) is incorrect. I'm not sure what game is in that video snap, but it's not Puzz Loop. However, the 240p video snap of "puzzloop" is correct.



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Looks like the same applies to Puzznic (puzznic.mp4). The 480p video shows some soccer game, but the 240p video appears to be correct. Actually, I think the incorrect puzzloop.mp4 (480p video) can just be renamed to puzznic.mp4, since I believe that's the same game.

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