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Atari 2600 Updated (17 Videos)


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Just a minor update to the Atari 2600 video snap set. I have added 17 new videos bringing the set to 669 Video Snaps in total. Thanks to Brolly on the heads up that these were missing.

Videos Added:

  • Adventure 2 (USA) (Hack)
  • Arcade Asteroids (USA) (Hack)
  • Arcade Pong (USA) (Pong)
  • Asteroids Deluxe (USA) (Hack)
  • Blinky Goes Up (USA) (Unl)
  • Caverns of Mars (USA) (Hack)
  • Haunted Adventure (USA) (Hack)
  • Haunted Aventure 2 (USA) (Hack)
  • Lunar Lander (USA) (Hack)
  • Muncher (USA) (Unl)
  • Pac-Man (Ebivision) (USA)
  • Princess Rescue (USA) (Unl)
  • Return To Haunted House (USA) (Hack)
  • Seaweed Assault (USA) (Unl)
  • Space Duel (USA) (Hack)
  • Space Rocks (USA) (Unl)
  • Yars' Return (USA) (Hack)

EmuMovies DSU 1.99
Last Updated Apr 01 2013 04:04 PM

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Hey Circo. While collecting artwork for the HS Project I noticed that the Marble Craze video on the ftp is wrong. The video is showing Marauder.

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