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New EmuMovies F.T.P. Is Now Live


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The EmuMovies F.T.P. File Server has moved to a new and MUCH MUCH improved server. In addition to moving the system to a server that could handle all the traffic we have but the login system is now tied directly into the site login system. Members who have F.T.P. access can click the F.T.P. Login link on the sites menu for access.

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It's all new login information, click the link at the top of the site that says "FTP Login" re-enter the new ftp info.  If your still having issues please submit a support ticket.  In your ticket copy and paste your connection log from filezilla.

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The login is your (site login)@emumovies.com and your password is the site password.  Thats what the istructions say, are you looking at another page?  The link has a key icon next to it.

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