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  1. The DVD collection is useful for people with limited bandwidth who can't just download everything they want. You still need FTP access so you can get the constant updates happening here all the time. That add on price covers the time it takes to setup and burn all those files to a DVD and then posting it to ya. If you have no issues with your ISP all you need is Lifetime Membership.
  2. I wasn't gonna ask cause I thought you'd already have it done?
  3. Step 6: Setup HyperSync and get everything updated. I have to find some more HD space but I'm starting a clean install now myself. I use the HyperSpin project from UG and update as I go but now I want to start from the ground up. Would be interested in the list of emulators you all use and why you use them?
  4. Yep. What Rain said. Most awesome combination ever. So damn sweet to use. Just wow.
  5. OK. The two 50 minute YouTube clips on the HS forum are a bit long for me but have started watching. The application though is mind blowing. These dudes have some serious bling in that thing.
  6. Mental stability in question approach with caution...

  7. Really? You guys think that? Wow you must live under a rock. I'm currently beta testing HyperSync 3.5 as a start plus when I get free time ill be updating HyperLaunch which is in the final stages of update and HyperSpin itself is still getting updates at 1.3 stage but they are working on a big new version they are calling version 2.0 so I really don't know how you can say that stuff? Up to you but pretty obvious you are not looking in the right places.
  8. Worth watching. Worth playing the game.
  9. Does it count that I've been actively avoiding this thread but active everywhere else??!
  10. Hmmm. This could be worth playing with. Thanks to all involved.
  11. First for me was a multi pong game at my grandmas house. A couple of years later I got to play asteroids on 2600 it was awesome! Oh I don't feel so old now. Oops forgot about my TI99-4a on which I enjoyed Parsec and TI Invaders which I played just before Berserk on the Atari http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parsec_(video_game)
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