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  1. I can't believe you've been here since June 2015 and you haven't upgraded? The content is all that you see for free and much more. With higher quality. From one user to another it is worth it. Sent from my SM-N920I using Tapatalk
  2. The DVD collection is useful for people with limited bandwidth who can't just download everything they want. You still need FTP access so you can get the constant updates happening here all the time. That add on price covers the time it takes to setup and burn all those files to a DVD and then posting it to ya. If you have no issues with your ISP all you need is Lifetime Membership.
  3. I wasn't gonna ask cause I thought you'd already have it done?
  4. I'm still a fan of Hyperspin. Have now reached a point where setting things up in HS is the easy bit making the emulators run perfectly outside of Hyperspin is the challenge.
  5. You'd think someone would archive them somewhere.
  6. Common mistake that one. You will find the subscription in your PayPal remove it and payments stop. That information was supplied to you by PayPal the first day you signed up for ya PayPal account.
  7. You are asking in the wrong place for that. Hyperspin site in the Hypersync forums is where I'd start. There are people trying to work on collecting this stuff and sites exist that are devoted to this but it is not really a priority for most people. At the moment HyperLaunch is taking up a lot of time as is the ongoing movement within Hyperspin itself. EmuMovies and Hypersync joining forced meant a lot more work for the guys here so you may be waiting a while for the little things to be addressed.
  8. Why aren't you using Hypersync? The download utility here is not gonna be setup to be configurable like that and you are asking for something that is already in Hyperspin that does everything for you and is made to work with it? All you need is Platinum membership on HS website and paid membership (personal choice obviously is Lifetime) membership here... Really easy fixed.
  9. Step 6: Setup HyperSync and get everything updated. I have to find some more HD space but I'm starting a clean install now myself. I use the HyperSpin project from UG and update as I go but now I want to start from the ground up. Would be interested in the list of emulators you all use and why you use them?
  10. Yep. What Rain said. Most awesome combination ever. So damn sweet to use. Just wow.
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