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Autoscraping/adding artworks of various consoles via ECC/ECC2 doesn't work?!


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Dear Emumovies pros,


I hope this is the right forum to ask this thing. I have downloaded ECC/ECC2 (Emu Control Center) to handle my roms and platforms. In most of the cases (like SNES, NES, GameGear, Gameboy) the auto-search for covers, boxarts and screenshots for entries in my database works very well (the roms have been preformatted and get easily found). Though in case of some other consoles like Playstation 1 and GameCube, the auto-search function doesn't find any entries at all.


The main issue I guess is that the file names are pretty random, like

  • "Resident Evil 2.gcm"
  • "Mario_Kart_Double_Dash `[PAL].gcm"
  • "Metal Gear Solid (Euro).gcm"

...and so on. My question now is: How do these auto-searches work in general? Do I have to take care of special naming conventions so the stuff can be found automatically? Or is there a different way to add all the artworks and stuff to the game and database?


Thanks already for your help,

best regards,


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The artwork is all formatted in the no intro style naming which is getting fairly common.  Game Name (Region).  You can always refer to hyperlist for exact naming schema used as well as see it in our download section.




It does use fuzzy naming to match but its not an exact science.  Just like when you use autoscraping with movies in xbmc.  They say to use IMDB naming for best results.


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Thanks for the info, I've taken a look at this. So, if it's only for the "no-intro" style, am I utterly lost if some of my collections are GoodXXX, TOSEC or Mess formatted? Or is there still hope?

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For non optical media...one should be able to use the CRC-32 renamer to match MESS.


With optical...ones best bet is to hope for someone to get a hair up their ass, write down the name (HyperSpin No-Intro name) of the asset & it's actual CRC value...not whats listed in HyperSpin XML's.


Then rename them to actually match MESS CHD dumps.


Then parse a MESS DAT & rename the assets to CRC value of the MESS CHD.


Now take the original listing of name and asset CRC, and parse against, the assets current CRC name...then pump that into the HyperSpin XML for that systems as the CRC for that game. Since most of the CRC values in those XML's are just trash.


This way folks have a way of at least matching between those two naming systems, some what automagically.


Not much can be done about TOSEC...that's simply a matter of RegEx & Fuzzy Logic Renamers...and a fair amount of grunt work.

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