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AviSynth Prep


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Okay I've written a simple AutoIt script checks if certain files & applications are installed, if not it attempts to download and install them for you.


The files & applications in question are:

Install 7zip

Install AviSynth

Install Haali Media Splitter

Extract FFMpegSource

Extract AutoCrop


Now on Pre-Vista era Win OS's it "should" do the right thing nearly all the time, only a few corner cases where more code is needed...but I have yet to cover those as of yet.


The real question right now is if it'll do the right thing most the time on post Vista Win OS's...this amounts to silently installing app's without user intervention as well as copying files from certain places to others.


The extraction part should be fine...it's just the installation stuff that is questionable...because of UAC. I'm using DOS to ideally get around UAC without permanently disabling it.


Now Haali may not be installed if you have the Win7 Codec Pack installed...which is desired since there is no need for multiple copies of the same app to be installed.


7zip...is commonly installed...so if you do have that installed already it'll skip it...even if there is a newer version out..as I don't do version checking at present...only check to see if stuff is installed at all.


AviSynth...is generally uncommon so I do expect that to install...unless you have something like Format Factory installed...which will botch a number of things up...so don't even try this script unless you decide you don't need or want Format Factory...at which point it'll need to be uninstalled prior to running this script.


Anyways again this is just to test silent installs...if you get prompted to install something...please exit the script, and don't install anything...as it failed at that point. If you get prompted by your firewall that wget.exe is trying to access the web...good deal you got a good firewall. :) However let it out for say 20min max...you can look over the source code to see what I'm doing as it's included.


Now on a UAC enabled OS, you'll need to launch the application as Admin or a user with Admin privileges...else it will likely fail...I believe.


Really just looking for feed back from folks that have UAC enabled...however others are welcome to comment if things blow up and their dog ends up knocked up. :)

AviSynth Prep.rar

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If folks use this for submission please only submit the avi's and please ensure that you have a good handle on cropping if needed.  Best to submit a test vid first.

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This isn't the script generator...just something to setup what will be required for the generator when it's done.


This is mostly just to see if I can silently install stuff correctly with UAC enabled. I need to see about making some room and setting up VirtualBox with Vista, Win7 & Win8 configs...mostly so I can sort out corner cases.


I got to figure out how convoluted the GUI will be, for the actual generator.

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I have a windows 8 rig that doesnt have everything installed, ill give it a try tomorrow. It's an i7 so it should be able to tear thru stuff. And you mean to tell me your still running XP on that i5  :wallbash:

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