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FS Pinball Videos encoding with MP3 Songs


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Hallo Guys


Is there anybody who can help me in this Case.


I plan to encoding the FS Pinball Videos with MP3 Song.


i need a help for a Newbee how i can makeing this.


What for a Programm is good for it and how i can do this.


Maybe Circo can give me some good Infos, that i can encoding his nice Videos with MP3 Songs like this:


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Hallo Circo


Can you give me a Tip if i can do it and with what for a Program is a good Reult and not to big File after encoding?


Greetings and tahnk you


I will add the Original MP 3 Sounds to every Pinball Video and make a Collection and uploading for all the user who want to have the Videos.....



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Okay i renamed the F4V to MP4 and now its work but only on Windows 7 in my PC with XP dont work.


I have added a Video and a MP 3 Sound and encoding this with the Programm Yamb that you say.

In my Laptop with Windows 7 works fine Video and Sound but if i copy this new File to my Pinball Cabinet with Windows XP they dont work only the Video i can see but no Sound...


Is anything where i can do wrong or what can i try?


Need help from you Profi i think you know the TRicks what i can make wrong or i can change..


many Greetings from one more Time today snowing Germany...



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Yes mabye the Flintstomes or Donald Duck........


And what you think what can i do now?

You know a other Programm who working easy like this?


Can anybody testing if this File working maybe is it only me in my Case?

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Hello Newer - 


I actually have spoken to the guy who owns that table with all the videos.  He is a really nice guy.  I had the same question as you and this is what he answered:




What I do is as follows:


I use FRAPS for capturing video from Future Pinball and Camtasia for capturing from Visual Pinball. I capture 2 min worth of Attract Mode from each table. FRAPS outputs to an avi file using its own compression method and camtasia likewise. (Keep in mind that you can download emumovies and skip this step).


Just a note about the avi file - a typical 2 minute capture runs around 4 to 5 GB in size so make sure you have plenty of space to work with.


I then choose an audio song/clip that I feel relates to the table (a few times its the song selection from the table itself and I just select a lossless format from my own collection). I edit the song/sound clip in Audacity and make it 2 min long. Most of the time I edit the song by removing certain parts of it to make it 2 min long of mostly music. I then output this from Audacity to a wav file.


Next is getting the audio file muxed with the video file. This I do using AviDemux2. I load the video, trim it to 2 minutes and add in the sound file I edited. I output this (muxed together) to an avi file which I then encode using Adobe Media Encoder 5.5 (and more recently 6.0).


Just to add that sometimes a table has its own great attract music/sound clip so I'll export the sound to audacity, edit it if needed, clean it up etc.. and then output that to a wav file ready to mux with the video file.



Please not that I was able to do the same steps using only two programs.  I used Adobe After Effects to Adobe Encoder.  This is what I did with my video example.  It's still a work in progress but maybe it will help you. 





Hope this helps.  

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