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Improved Download Service


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We have been busy improving access to our content and a new version of the download service utility has been released with much improved performance.

We have also improved our API to make processing faster for other uses of the API in the future including HyperSync.

The performance improvements in most instances will be staggering when it comes to searching and matching your content and the utility now downloads two files with up to three concurrent API accesses at a time to maximize your bandwidth usage.

You can find the Latest Version of our Download Service Utility by following the link provided.


Click here to view the article

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Faster does not even begin to describe this new API; this thing is the word Epic personified, amazing work Tom; all of us here on the HyperSync development team thank you for this, and so do thousands of our users!

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Awesome program! Thank you for the hard work put into it. With the last two updates any artwork I download is renamed to all lower case. Do I have to rename all the artwork or is there a setting I can change to keep the same naming as my roms?

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