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Retro Suite FE (Beta)


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Hi all.

I'd like to announce an universal Front-end for Windows developed by me. It's an early beta version, but maybe somebody want to look it, or help being a tester, finding bugs, etc.

When the desktop version be done, i'll work on a GUI version like Game EX, Maximus Arcade, etc. based on images and better for cabs. The current version is window based.

At the moment these are the features (still lacking a lot of things, but i work every day on it and there are a lot of features in the TO DO list):

Testers are REALLY welcome, same as request, feedback, corrections, etc. (Always are a lot of bugs and a lot of eyes see more than a pair :) )

Remember, only an early beta, the development just started.

Current Version: Beta 8 - [12/07/2013]


Last Version's Changes:

-Fixed: Fixed a lot of bugs, some of them importants, like not playing video files, some app-crashing bugs, and more....

-Added: Updater. The updater has been reworked, so you can update RetroSuite without having to download all the files.

-Added: Startup sound support. Some sounds included.

-More things i can't remember now....


th_sshot_Rating_zpsa97198e9.jpg th_sshot_systemsSettings_zps1c337a23.jpg th_sshot_rominfo_zps5a655c2b.jpgth_sshot_MAME_zps7d3f9b91.jpg

  • Scan/Launch ROMS.
  • Favourites
  • Recent Played List
  • Rom Rating
  • Video Snaps, Screenshot, Box Art, Cartridge/CD, Cabinet, Flyer, Marque... Support
  • Daemon Tools Lite Mount Support
  • Extract Zip/7z if needed for an emulator (Configure in Emulator Options)
  • GoodMerged Romsets Support (You can auto-launch prefered region or popup a ROMList of 7z file contents)
  • Zoom +/- on Screenshots, Box Art, etc.
  • Some Appearance Settings (Full Skin Engine will be added in the future, including CSS Styling application)
  • English/Spanish Languages
  • And Some more minor features...



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This looks very nice, especially with the custom background elements. I like that you have support for merged roms and video previews as well.


I'd be very interested in trying this out!

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I have been able to download it before the site seem to went down. So far so good.


Nice work Taiku, I was searching for something like this for a long time.


My only problem at that time is to find out how I can massively rename artworks or my goodroms sets in order to have them matching.

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I'm making an host change, sorry for the dns errors, The move will be done today :)


To amtch roms, you have 2 options:


-Uset FatMatch to match your media files with your rom files (available on dowload sections on emumovies)


-Use crlmMamePro or GoodMerge to reubild your romset. (if you want ini files with company, genre, etc.. working, the romsets must be GoodMerged).

Rebuild romsets is very easy, just extract all the roms to a folder, the run GoodMerge or crlMamePro with the correct DAT file you want. There are some  tutorials on some forums including Emumovies, but i'll post a tutorial on RetroSuite forum if needed.

In the future, i'll include a renaming tool on the FrontEnd.


I'd like to add and gamertag style account system, like Xbox, showing last played games, with an user profile on Retro Suite servers, but i don't know too much php. So be patien with this while i found some php guru ;)


And again, sorry for the server moving without notice :)

EDIT: Link is working again.

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I've been trying this out on windows 8...


The mp4 videos are not showing up for me. Before I go ahead and install some codecs... can Retro Suite somehow display these videos without any additional codecs?


(Windows 8 plays the mp4 videos)


The system icons and images weren't displayed at first. I had to go into - RetroSuite\Data\systems and edit the ini files to use the path where I have Retro Suite installed. (It had your paths still)


I've had no trouble launching roms. So far I have setup Master System and MAME. However I'm Having some difficulty launching/mounting CD images for Amiga CD32 and Playstation. (specifically CD images that are cue/bin)




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There are a lot of disabled features, like ISO Mounting, i'll add soon (i'm working on some serverr stuff these days), i'll disable the widgets on next beta, sorry for the lack of info.

The icon problem is strange, you are the first having that proble, and i'll fix that on the next beta, it's a simple fix.

About the mp4 videos, also the first person having that problem, i'll check about that, maybe the windows8 player has an built-in codec, i know it has an built-in pdf support, so maybe the same with some video codecs?

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one question, did you choose mp4 extension in front-end options? (in the system specific settings, under Video snap folder line edit)

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I've not windows 8 installed to testing, so i'll investigate what is happening.

I'd like to know if there are windows 8 users without that problem. Maybe the problem is not in the video code, maybe is an name amtching problem or something.

Have you noticed any change in the video area when you select a rom?

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The video name matches the game name, as do the screenshots and box art and cart images.

There is no change in the video area of the frontend when I select a game in the rom list.


One other thing I noticed is that the scaled option for cart images isn't working (the image is always tiny no matter which percentage I choose). 

Don't know if you are already aware of this or not. The scaled option for box art does work.


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I think what we have here is a brilliant piece of software and I am so pleased to see that it is available in Spanish as well; so many other video gaming front end systems forget that the Spanish community probably outnumber 2 to 1 any other person(s) playing emulated retro games; so thanks for taking care of that language barrier.  Now onto a few things that I like/dislike about your program for a moment.



  • Clean Interface
  • Simple Setup
  • Highly Customizable
  • Good Merge Integration
  • Low Memory Footprint


  • Nothing


I test hundreds of games everyday working with the HyperSync project and have already found myself using your system to quickly launch a game and test it out.  I think this project has a lot of potential and is something that hundreds if not thousands of people the world over will love.  One suggestion I would make is to post this on Spanish speaking forums as well, and watch your stock shoot through the roof.  Congrats on the software, simply brilliant, love it, can't wait to see it when it makes it out of betaware.

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Wow, thanks a lot, i'm really glad the FE is useful to somebody :)

Really thanks, it's grateful somebody likes the work

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Have you thought about integrating the EmuMovies.com API into your application that way users can download movie content directly from your frontend?  That trust me is a huge selling point for your application, and will increase your client base tenfold.

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  • 4 months later...

Hi, after a few months of recovering (fire accident on my house destroyed my 2 computers) at last, i have a new computer and recovered the code, so i can work on RetroSuite again.

RetroSuite forum is up again (i had to sell my webhosting to buy the new computer :P) and all interested people are welcome. ( www.magecware.com )
I've Posted a new relase with Daemon Tools Lite autmount support :).
Thanks and sorry for these interested people.

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I don't think RetroSuite could be rival for Hyperspin hehehe ;)
Hyperspin is just too awesome.

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He just calls it that it's always a positive segment. A lot of us use multiple front ends for different uses

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Actually looking forward to playing with this, It's always good to have fresh meat.


Edit:- after watching the video you've really got interested me to have a play with this 


Download link would be nice my friend






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