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Videos, Trailers, Gameplay & Pictures in LB!

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How i can see more Videos, Trailers, Gameplay & Pictures in LB, main page from the screenshot?

Bassically i downloaded everything from paid EmuMovies, for example in Street Fighter 1 i see just 1 video with Street Fighter 2 and a couple of picture, i want to see also more pictures, videos, gameplay, that is related to Street Fighter 1 not 2 etc.

Also many games don't have at all any kind of video, why? since i paid for EmuMovies?

Also BigBox the same issue, regarding pictures and gameplays.

What i have to do?

2023-06-24 14_43_02-NVIDIA GeForce Overlay.png

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I already posted in LB Forum on 24, nobody answer: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/74418-videos-trailers-gameplay-pictures-in-lb/#comment-439562

And is not about, it is a video snap or not, is just doesn't appear a video snap.

Also how can be the theme when in the same theme on other games i can see even 2 video snaps, and on other only the game box and some pictures, how is that possible?

So, even on BigBox is the same issue, appear only pictures on games like X-MEN, and many others.

There is an example in below screenshot, 1944 game with 2 videos.


2023-07-01 00_59_22-NVIDIA GeForce Overlay.png

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