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Trouble logging in with Download Service Utility


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Hi everyone.


I keep receiving 'Login Failure' response every time I login with the Download Service Utility.


Same problem when I try to login to Emumovies via Hypersync also.


I have reformatted Harddrive, with fresh install of win7 with updates and MS .NEtT 4 full framework.


I'd really appreciate some wisdom from anyone who has had similar issue and have solved it.


Thanks so much in advance!

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Reset you password, avoid using special characters

I mailed Tom (EmuMovies API manager) on 15 Sep 2012 about this, this is a serious bug in the API, i don't believe he fixed it yet, i had to "simplify" my password too!


I found out that your API has got a serious bug!, that's why i have such trouble, i try to describe the problem/bug:

i have a account on emumovies and a password with a $ in it!, it seems your API and/or downloader cannot understand this.

I see in your source code you did a "HttpUtility.UrlEncode" and a password like "$tar$hip" would come out like "%24tar%24hip"

Not even both passwords (with and without url encode) work with the API nor the Downloader!, so i had to simplify my password to get it working!
(a password with no wierd signs ect. (wich makes my pass weaker))

Please attempt to fix it !
I can finally continue atm with a simplyfied password...

Best Regards

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I also have the same issue trying to connect via HyperSync.  "can't verify user information"  I'm hoping it's just that I'm not allowing enough time for my paid membership to replicate.  Other than that, what a great site! 

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That comic really made me think!  


has anyone tried this?  http://howsecureismypassword.net  It tells you how long your password would take to guess by a typical desktop computer. Pretty sure it's legit it was featured in a past episode of Vsauce.


My score: Forums password: 7hrs

                Important Password: 25,000 years


My important one is a seeming random mixture of characters but is burned into my memory, also it goes through different iterations that cycle throughout the year... ya i'm kinda OCD




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