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Super Famicom Book


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Anyone know anything about copyright materials? I have started collecting covers and wheels for my hyperspin super famicom collection and are beginning to fall in love with the super famicom cover art. its so badass, and i see its easy to start collecting the games on that basis alone. I want to start collecting them myself and i want to make a book for myself about the super famicoms games. i have made a quick super famicom template on how a page in the book could look like and i wonder if anyone has an idea of how to improve the design look.

The pictures and text is stolen directly from wikipedia (i do not trust my crappy english to edit it myself). Is that illegal?

Any comment will be appreciated :D


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Ha! I think that's neat. Might be easier to take that formatting and make a tribute site

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If you did have to go through finding who owns the rights for all the artwork that could turn out to be a hellish endeavor. Assuming that one company doesn't have all the rights.

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