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  1. Video game PDFs

    I have thought about it. I think it`s a little too big and difficult for me to tackle. Though I could maybe make a more vanilla version of the topic. At the moment i`m making a PDF on the Saturn. Maybe done in a month or two.
  2. Video game PDFs

    Started making PDFs/books on video game systems after I was done with my Hyperspin setup. Maybe some people can use the PDFs when they want to look up a game or something. PDFs include every game for the system it feature, along with cover art, screenshot, info, etc.. Every PDF is free. Hit the "no thanks" link: https://daddarulekonge.itch.io/
  3. Super Famicom Book

    Hello. Anyone know anything about copyright materials? I have started collecting covers and wheels for my hyperspin super famicom collection and are beginning to fall in love with the super famicom cover art. its so badass, and i see its easy to start collecting the games on that basis alone. I want to start collecting them myself and i want to make a book for myself about the super famicoms games. i have made a quick super famicom template on how a page in the book could look like and i wonder if anyone has an idea of how to improve the design look. The pictures and text is stolen directly from wikipedia (i do not trust my crappy english to edit it myself). Is that illegal? Any comment will be appreciated
  4. Super Famicom

    No thanks. They fit in artwork folder 4 with the theme: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/downloads.php?do=cat&id=219 But if you could tell me how to get the cover transition to do the smoth right to left that is the default on most of the hyperspin themes (on this theme the covers smacks down from top to bottom, not pretty) i would be happy
  5. Super Famicom

    The reason the covers have alot of space under is becasue when i use the "HyperSpin- System- Super Famicom- Theme". The default makes the covers go off-screen.
  6. I have made a new batch of wheels and covers. If anyone want to use these i can upload more as i go along. Some covers may be wrong, as i often find it hard to find the right covers. I can not read japanese so i may have used a wrong cover art. Some covers i could not find, like dr.mario for japan snes. I had to make my own cover. Artwork4.zip Wheel.zip
  7. Hei. (this is my first post on a forum since 2000 (forever a lurker), so xpect crummy engrish) I am adding a "Super Famicom Japanese only realese Menu" on my hyperspin. I could not find much of any Super Famicom Videos, wheel images or Cover Art on Hyperspin or EmuMovies. I started making my own cover art with images from wiki and google (pretty lousy quality). And wheel images from Menu shots with the "official hyperspin super nes wheel image" as a template (crummy photoshop editing). I have made covers and wheels from letter # to B. The names has to be changed to use with your own games. + the template i used for covers are a bit weird (alot of space) as i use them for the HyperSpin- System- Super Famicom- Theme (artwork4) Does anyone know of Super Famicom related Hyperspin stuff? Also was wondering if anyone know of game commercials on emumovies. I looked but could not find. Wheel.zip Artwork4.zip