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Question about: Yearly or Lifetime (240 or 480)


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Hello All!

I just singed up to EmuMovies and I so glad that I am part of these communities now!

OK, quick question, I am torn between signing up for Yearly subscription or Lifetime.

Besides the period of subscription of course, what else is different? Accodring to this link, both Supporting members and Liftime members have access to 480p Video Content,is that correct?

For some reason, I tought the the Supporting members can only download lower quality movies?


It says:

Supporting Members / Lifetime Members (Donated to the Site)

Download unlimited files per day

No bandwidth cap

No transfer cap

Full Access to F.T.P. File Server

Full Access to Download Service (Artwork and Videos)

Access to 480p Video Content

When I try to add the Yearly subscription, it get chocie of TWO ADD-ONS:



Complete Video Snap Collection [480p]



Complete Video Snap Collection [240p]

Are these just the DVD add-ons? In other words, if I sign up for the yearly subscription, can I still DOWNLOAD 480 media, as posted on the first link on top?

Would you kindly Please explain! thanks!

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