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GameEx Theme Competition


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This year, some of the GameEx staff decided that it would be cool to put together a theme competition to spark some interest in theme creation. It's still in it's infancy, but it would be good to get the ball rolling in case anyone here would like to enter.










1st prize:

  • $100 from EmuMovies
  • $100 Gift Card for Amazon from GameEx/Spesoft
  • 2 UltraStik 360s with Restrictor Kits courtesy of Ultimarc
  • 1 iPac 2 courtesy of Ultimarc
  • 1 Lifetime License of GameEx
  • 1 Lifetime Membership to EmuMovies

2nd prize:

  • 1 X-Arcade Dual Joystick from X-Gaming
  • $50 Gift Card for Amazon from the GameEx Team
  • 1 Year License of GameEx
  • 1 Year Membership to EmuMovies

3rd Prize:

  • 1 LED-Wiz USB Lighting and Output Controller courtesy of Groovy Game Gear
  • 1 copy of the book Project Arcade: Build Your Own Arcade Machine autographed by the author John St. Clair courtesy of ArcadeControls.com
  • 1 Year License of GameEx
  • 1 Month Membership to EmuMovies

4th Prize:

  • 1 Full Version of Xpadder with Lifetime Updates
  • 1 Wired XBOX 360 controller courtesy of the GameEx Staff
  • 1 Year License of GameEx

More prizes may be added, it really depends on the number of entries we get.


  • You can submit as many themes as you like, but only one prize per author will be awarded.
  • The entries will be judged by the GameEx staff on accessibility, overall design, and integrated features/placement.
    Judging will be done by myself, Tom Spiers, Headkaze, Frequency, and Circo.
  • Theme user feedback will also be taken into consideration by the judges.
  • Your theme must be a new theme, not a rehash of an existing theme.
  • Your entry can be submitted anytime between June, 2011 and June, of 2012.
  • Prizes will be awarded on July 15th, 2012.


Please submit your themes to the submission thread located here. This topic will be updated with all theme submissions, and the previously mentioned thread will be the place for users to comment on the entry or offer suggestions. If you make any changes to your theme, please PM me so I can make the adjustments in the contest thread. All submissions will be considered final on June 30th, 2012, so you may make as many changes and/or updates to your submission before then.

When you are ready to submit your theme, please follow these guidelines:

  • Fill in the ENTRY POST worksheet located below. (Copy & Paste the sheet into your post and fill in the blanks).
  • Add either 3 snapshots of your theme, or a YouTube video of your theme, to the post.
  • Upload your theme to GameEx directly, or to a public download site such as MediaFire or MegaUpload. (Please, no RapidShare links!)

Easy right? :)

If you have questions, feel free to post them here. I will be updating this topic as need arises. Of course, the rules and prizes may be changed periodically without notice. Any changes will be made in writing, and an update will be posted in the submissions thread.

Happy themeing everyone!

-GameEx Staff

Theme Title: _______________________________
Theme Type: _______________________________
Theme Version: _______________________________
Theme Resolution: _______________________________

[snap1] [snap2] [snap3] -or- [YouTube Video]
Theme Description: ______________________________
Theme Features: ______________________________

Date Submitted: _______________________________
Download URL: _______________________________ (No RapidShare Links Please!!!)
Download Size: _______________________________
Additional Notes: _______________________________

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