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Joke Video Snaps


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I just started paying for 480p FLV video snaps, and I was looking through a few of them, and I find there are joke videos.

Conker's Bad Fur Day's video snap, for the Nintendo 64, features him chasing down a key in a small, bland cave, and trying to whack it with his frying pan. It shows this for the whole video and he fails the whole time. Then at the title screen, it shows the doors closing on the title, which is a subtle statement that says "This is what I spent my time playing Conker doing, and then the doors closing meant either that I stopped playing or that the game was a failure."

Now Conker's Bad Fur Day is a highly-praised game with amazing and fun visuals, but we never saw any of that. It's like if somebody posted a video snap of Super Mario 64 with nothing happening but Mario failing to catch the rabbit in the basement of the castle. It's quite insulting to make THAT the video snap for the game, when there is so much in the game to really enjoy.

If anybody else has noticed any of these, please reply. And somebody, please replace that Conker's Bad Fur Day snap. It doesn't belong there. It's just a subtle statement of hatred to the game, and everyone who's beaten most of the first world knows that the game is far better than that awful snap.

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I'm sorry that you were not happy with the quality, there is only so much time that can be spent on a game when trying to keep a pace of 300 per week. I believe we put 20 min plus on that one, it's possible that it was a bad editing cut, I tend to fly through that part pretty quickly. In the future, please note that this type of post is supposed to go into the Special Requests section as that is what its for.

Since you seem so agitated if you would like a refund or something let me know and we can all move along amicably. And like I said, sorry you found it so upsetting.

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So you do ALL the video snaps? Isn't the FTP server public, meaning people can alter the files? I don't mean to be imposing, but if you have to take video snaps of every single game, I suppose that lower-quality vids for some of the games is to be expected. I don't know if our payments are all that keep your file servers up, but regardless, I do appreciate your hard work with the snaps.

If you would like to give more information on how you make the snaps, I would be happy to upload some of my own for you. Information like what tools you use, what resolution you begin with, when you begin capturing in the emulation process, and how you choose to convert. If I'm going to upload snaps, I would like them to match the style, resolution, and quality of your default snaps.

By the way, I would also like to use this method to produce and upload a Gameboy Color intro video for EmuMovies and for Hyperspin. You don't have one up yet, and I suppose I could help. I would appreciate a response, if you have the time.

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