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In anticipation of getting our new server I have started building the downloads page. So far I am feeling pretty good about it. Currently you can browse as I left it open as I start building. I am not quite sure how long this is going to take but I don't see it taking too long. The downloads section will be available to everyone but there will be some limits in place.

Guests/Validating - View Only

Members - View/Download/Upload - 250MB File Size Limit on Downloads

Premium Members/Content Contributers/Developers - View/Download/Upload - No Limit on Downloads

This pretty much uses the same 250MB cap that I have mostly always used on the Main Site. I will be importing all Video and Artwork sets to the downloads section. This means that once completed it will not be necessary to use the FTP server if you would prefer not to. Sets will be archived for easy download. The FTP will still be available to users for the forseeable future and I have no plans to discontinue that service.

With the ability to submit work and directly download this should make the project more easily accessable and easier to update and manage. As we progress I look forward to any feedback our users may have. This site is for you guys! Thanks for all of your support thus far.


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