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ABeezy's Sony Playstation 2.5D Front Boxart


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ABeezy's Sony Playstation 2.5D Front Boxart

Hey all,

Wanted to give back another set of art to the community since I have collected so much from others. This set is similar in style to my other set that I previously released for Dreamcast. Its a front boxart in a "2.5D" style. For this pack I need to make note again the jewel case is not my creation but has been modified slightly for my tastes. I also need to mention the creator of this artwork (pre jewel case), Wally Wonka. He created and shared an excellent uniform PS1 set with matching PS1 labels for perfect uniformity. I have taken his 2D PS1 front boxart set and have applied the jewel case to them. Also a shout out to SomeGeezer for helping with Adobe Photoshop Actions making this process easier! In this pack it includes most all of the NTSC Sony Playstation retail games. It is missing all the Lightspan games (learning, language, math, etc. as the box art is hart to find and I felt most people wont care for those games as is) as well as demo discs. Everything else should be included but I am human so there is a chance a few oddballs slipped through the cracks... if you do see something missing or that is inaccurate please let me know. One last tidbit, there is a different case to match how multi disc games were released. Hope everyone enjoys these as it brings a more cohesive look to your collection along with my Dreamcast set!

(File List) Sony PlayStation - USA (2.5D Boxes)(Hyperlist)(ABeezy1388 2.1).txt

Ridge Racer (USA).png


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