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Help trying to upload artwork


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I'm trying to upload some artwork files, but I'm getting an error:

One of the fields you completed is in an invalid format.

  • File Name * Nintendo Game Cube Box
  • File Version 1
  • File Tags
    • Game Cube×
    • Nintendo Game Cube×

    Select a maximum of 10 tags

Naming Convention Standard

IE: No-Intro 202100508, GoodNES 1.05

  • Resolution(s)
    Screen resolution of media or content
  • Format
    JPG File (.jpg)
    Format of the media being submitted
  • File Count
    Number of files in the set
  • Release Date
    Original release date (MM/DD/YYYY)
  • Credits
    List contributor(s) or author(s) of file

can Somebody tell me where the error is

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It has to be the date,

Yes= 01/01/2012

No= (01/01/2012)

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Thank you, That did it. is there any reason why it did not accept a rar file?

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Is it over 50mb? Thats the size limit, if it's over 50mb split it.

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