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why are there so many dreamcast video snaps missing?

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Just curious...every other flv video snap library seems to be 90% intact or higher for everything I've been looking for...does anyone know why this is? or did some get accidentally deleted?, does someone have a complete set of dreamcast video snaps? I'm hoping for a way to get around downloading 63 unique video snaps from youtube



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I don't think a full set ever got done...there are a lot of issues involved with the DC...mainly that it requires a rather buff system to run the Emu & record at the same time. The ones you see right now on the FTP were done with one system running the Emu and another recording it with a highend capture card.

Circo has since gotten a much buffer system so he maybe able to do everything on one system....which would greatly simply things.

Another issue is that not all the games are dumped for the DC in GDI format...and a lot of the CDI rips have issues...some of which are very serious.

Tosec has all but one Euro game dumped and like 85% of the USA games...this is counting verified only games...non...they got like all Euro & 98% USA. Japan is far off...no matter how you want to figure it....Redump barely has their foot in the door on the number of DC games out there.

So a lot of compounded issues...and that isn't even counting emulator issues...as a lot of the WinCE based games for the DC puke on all the Emu's out there.

I might have a go at recording the WinCE games off an actual DC...at least the USA games as I have 95% coverage...which ideally has is all WinCE games...however I don't have VGA in...so it would be S-Video...and there would be a fair amount of noise in the video.

So in the end it's kind of wait and see what happens.

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ON a side note...as of today I have a dreamcast flv video snap library that is 99% complete now! I went and downloaded and trimmed about 78 videos off youtube

If anyone wants me to upload it somewhere let me know...ITS NOT PERFECT...but it's a great solution in the mean time...while waiting for a more complete official set

some notes about my set with my added video's


Every video is no intro...and shows only gameplay

filled the void of all video's missing (except maybe 3 or 4 I couldn't find)

All video's that were in the original set with problems were fixed

the video's with problems were some just flickered the same first 2 seconds of video over and over(example star wars demolition)

Another problem was that 12 different game video's that were for games that had a part one and part two were the same video (example crazy taxi 1 and crazy taxi 2 had the same video)

almost all video's I added are 360P or 480P and fit the full viewing window


A few are 240P because I couldn't find any better than this for certain games

some are extreme 4:3 format (they do not stretch completely to fill viewing window...so you will see some narrow black bars on the left and right of the viewing window)

Overall I think the set looks great! post here if anyone wants me to upload these somewhere


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