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Video Gain

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Okay got a new script...actually its a massively rewritten version of my AVI Gain app...which was originally inspired by Soopafresh's handywork.

Now this version doesn't offer the GUI the last one did...at least not as of yet...but even when it does have a GUI it'll be much different options.

Now for the most part this should handle MP4 and MKV containers MUCH better...as well as some basic support for Subtitles.

Anyways for now DO NOT use on your Movie or TV collection's...as I still need to get some fairly critical features done...mainly carrying over of MetaData.

As for what this does...it applies Replay Gain to your videos, this includes at this point and time AVI, F4V, FLV, MKV, MP4...I may add some more down the road...but this will do for now. :)

Now you can have countless video, audio, subtitle streams in your containers...well with in the limits of the containers themselves. However for now...please limit usage to only containers that hold 1 video & 1 audio stream.

The current script should be faster and more reliable than the prior script...and most certainly in time far more flexible.

Anyways happy bug hunting.

*Update 1*

Added some MetaData support per track

*Update 2*

Added support for external Subtitles

Can pull meta data from file name if in the following format:

filename (year) [track] {lang} <title>.ext

The Veteran (2011) [04] {cze} <Signs & Dialog>.srt

Supported File extensions are:

*.aqt      	AQTitle
*.ass Advanced SubStation Alpha
*.asc Cheetah
*.dks DKS Subtitle Format
*.lrc Karaoke Lyrics LRC
*.vkt Karaoke Lyrics VKT
*.mpl MPlayer
*.mpl MPlayer2
*.scr MacSUB
*.ovr OVR Script
*.pan Panimator
*.pjs Phoenix Japanimation Society
*.psb PowerDivX
*.rt RealTime
*.smi;*.sami SAMI Captioning
*.sbt SBT
*.s2k Sasami Script
*.rtf Softitler RTF
*.sst Sonic Scenarist
*.son Spruce DVDMaestro
*.stl Spruce Subtitle File
*.sst Stream SubText Player
*.ssts Stream SubText Script
*.srt SubRip
*.ssa SubStation Alpha
*.vsf ViPlay Subtitle File
*.zeg ZeroG

In a future update I'll add support for long Language tags rather than the short ISO format

*Update 3*

Should the script hang or appear to hang one can now press CTRL+ALT+F6 which will end all sub processes, then open CMD Consoles in the proper folders, then display a text file containing what executable was last active, what file was being processed, and what command lines were used.

With any luck this will help sort out all the issues that might be ran into.

*Update 4*

Added CTRL+ALT+ESC to exit the script

*Update 5*

Added a GUI, the preserve AC3 & DTS audio channels don't work as of yet...will be in the next release along with improvements to usability. That said you can set the audio quality for any audio streams converted over to AAC and enable folder recursion. Please note that MP3 audio will not be encoded to AAC as Replay Gain can be applied to that stream type. If there are any other audio stream types that should be preserved beyond AC3 & DTS please let me know.


*Update 6*

Hooked up Preserve AC3 & DTS controls, hooked up AAC Quality control...actually convert non AAC & MP3 files to AAC...error on my part. Note I seem to be having some issues with internal Subtitles, and some video streams in MKV; I hope to have this sorted out in short order.

Video Gain.rar

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No there isn't but clearly one is going in now....really expected this one to perform much better and not hang...at all...ever...crap.

Well I guess update 3 will be debug focused...as I really need to find out what the issue is here, before things get even more complex like adding global meta data & attachments.

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