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I'm wondering if EmuMovies is still interested in accumulating complete Title and Screenshot collections?

Right now I'm in the process of revising one of my scripts for aiding in the production of Titles and Screens for PSX...basically speeds up work-flow & improves accuracy.

Which leads to a secondary question...if there is an interest in Titles and Screens...would folks be interested in scripts to speed up the work-flow of creating sets?

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There is great interest in this! smile.gif

I would like to eventually offer complete (as possible) artwork sets for each system which would include:

Video Snaps

Intro Videos







Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

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First script package done - My PSX Screenshots

Required software:


HyperSnap v6.xx.xx

+ Virtual CD\DVD

+ File Renaming Utility


1. Extract package into ePSXe directory

2. Open and edit "My PSX Screenshots.ini"

- [Hot Keys] are keyboard buttons that control the script, these are defined by AutoIt syntax

- [Virtual CD] is the command lines used to mount and unmount disc images; Alias's are defined AtomicFE

- [Roms Folder] defines not only the directory pathing, but the file extensions to look for in the pathing; be sure that pathing ends with a backslash

3. Double click "My PSX Screenshots.exe" and go to town.

3a. Press the SpaceBar key to capture image.

3b. Press the Right Cursor key load the next game in the work cue.

4. Delete junk images

5. Make sure Titles end with *_1.png and Snaps end with *_2.png

5. Double click "My PSX Screenshot Move.exe"

6. Use a File Renaming utility to remove appended _1 & _2 from the files.

7. Archive Images & send to Circo

Extended Info:

If you have disc's you do not wish to capture (multi-disc game) then the game disc should be added to ".\My PSX Screenshots Excluded.txt" one game per line...it is advised to do this if you feel you will not be able to complete the whole set in one go...which in this case is very likely.

If you wish to add a lot of disc's in one shot you should install the shell extension ClipName, then simply CTRL+Left Click all the discs you wish to exclude then Right Click and select "Clipname\Copy names (CRLF)" then paste into ".\My PSX Screenshots Excluded.txt" and save.

Games that are flawed in some way which prevents you from getting both the Title and Snap should have it's capture moved into the ".\My PSX Screenshots\Errors\" folder.

When the script first launches it make take a bit as it finds all the disc's in the Rom Folder pathing.


Its important to be sure and get both title and snaps done for a disc, as the script will remove disc's from the work cue if there is just one image present in the ".\My PSX Screenshots\" folder.

...Anyways if you find an issue with the way this works let me know...along with any ideas of how to improve upon it.

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Guest Ninja Rygar

GameEx uses titles as thumbnails when viewing an image list... so I would HOPE we're still interested in title screens.

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Actually GameEx is a counter argument when brought up with me. wink.gif

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