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Guest Mobaholic

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Guest Mobaholic


EmuMovies DVD Burning Service

...BACK and Better than EVER!!!


With this service you receive MP4 video Snaps in 240p or 480p... You will also receive an EmuMovies Video Converter that will allow you to convert your video snaps to either .AVI or .FLV if needed. Complete Collections of all Video Snaps available for all arcade, console, computer, and handheld systems (Over 80 Systems Total).

Professionally Mastered and Printed Discs arrive at your door step in no time so you can get your Arcade Front-End and custom machine looking and functioning the way you want!!!

Sets will be updated and videos will be added as they become available (Date of updates and version number of dvd sets are in the description in the DVD Service)

Available Now!

  • Complete Collection [MP4][240p][6 Disc Set]
  • Complete Collection [MP4][480p][13 Disc Set]

Coming Soon!

  • Al Carte [Order Disc by Disc]
  • Custom order sets [by request only]


  • United States - $5[uSD] Flat Rate
  • International - $10[uSD] Flat Rate

Orders ship within 3 Business Days


PM Mobaholic if you have any questions or requests for sets

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Guest Mobaholic

Working on a FULL Redu of the Genesis Video Snaps... There has NEVER been a 480p set for Genesis and the 240p Snaps are nothing to write home about.

Circo and I have already restarted this set and will be working vigilantly to complete this set in its entirety... We expect it to one of the best looking sets so far (as good as 16 bit graphics can be) I for one love the Sega Genesis and am having a ton of fun playing this system again for your arcade systems.

You can track our progress and see the difference in video and audio quality HERE

Viva La Video Games!!!

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Guest Mobaholic

My disks arrived today and I would just like to say thank you , but wasn't sure where to.

Thanks again

Thanks Tom1965,

Circo and I are working on a section for this sort of thing also there should be a way to submit a review for your order in the DVD Service section. If it doesn't work please PM me or Circo and we will look into it. We want there to be a way to get reviews and feedback so we can keep improving this service.

Thanks for your purchase and happy gaming!

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Guest Mobaholic

Hey Guys,

With all the sets Circo and I have been completely redoing with a much higher video and audio quality the DVD Collection is starting to get too big... We are looking at rearranging the sets or removing less important systems for DVD's

What are some Systems/Collections you can do without or Never install on your Cab anyway?

We were looking at Computer Collection and Other Collections as the less important sets... What do you guys think?

Also we could offer those separably or split up the set and offer Arcade, Console, Handheld, Computer, and Other as separate sets or have just keep making the DVD Sets bigger and increase the pricing to match.

I could really use some feedback from you guys and will take all suggestions into consideration when restructuring the DVD Sets.


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I'm an FTP person myself but think this service is awesome. :banana:

If I was going to use the service and ask for sets for the DVD's I'd like to be able to see the size of the folders that I have to choose from and then be able to select the ones I want. To be honest the reason to use this service is because of download sizes and people who have limited bandwidth. Now if they have limited bandwidth they will choose the things that will take them forever to download. For example this is what I grabbed from the official server just for Hyperspin (I grabbed other stuff as well obviously)

Video Snaps [FLV][HyperSpin 1.0 Only

Arcade Collections 31.7 GB

Computer Collections 19.2 GB

Console Collections 56.4 GB

Handheld Collections 11.9 GB

Pinball Collections 1.71 GB

Other Collections 2.70 GB

Now if I was going to ask for things to be burnt I'd go for Console and Arcade (the most common things played on a cab) but if I was really short on downloads I'd ask for all of it.

This is the problem. Your service is awesome but it would become a greed thing and since that entire collection is 123 GB you know what you are going to get asked for.

Suggestion: Have a total file size limit / DVD number limit for the DVD service.

Or charge extra and have a 25GB BluRay DVD service.

Just a thought...

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hello, im new here. i downloaded all the mame artwork, snaps etc using the download service and used the ftp site too and converted them all to flv for hyperspin. i would say about 75 percent are showing up in hyperspin with the video preview. is the dvd different in anyway? i would be happy to buy it, just would like it complete so i don't get the blank emumovies screen. thx!

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ok i changed it to my mp4 folder downloaded from here. still seeing alot of games missing the intro video thing. maybe they are not all there? i got all my mame roms from mamedvd.com so its pretty big. also, i could be doing something wrong too. let me know. thx!

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Our mame set is 99.9% complete.  Although that is for the latest version of mame, no idea what you might have but it shouldnt be a lot.  Are you using the latest xml  for mame or the one that comes preinstalled?  Keep in mind all of the xmls that come packaged with hyperspin are woefully out of date.

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ok i added the xml from the hypertools and hyperlist to hyperspin\database\mame folder but still tons not showing up. im sure im doing something wrong here, you would think the folder that has all my mame videos is pretty complete as its 12.gig.

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just fyi, im using mameplus as it works with the xarcade tankstick pretty well. i tried maximus but must be some issue with it as i cant exit a game and back to menu. tried all the fixes i saw on the internet but have to ctrl alt del then it comes back up.

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ok , seems to be working now. i made a change in hq. seems to be finding everything now. checked use xml indexes and reload backgrounds, clone suse parent vids and themes and animate out default themes. not sure that did but cant see a one not working now.

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This question is for Circo...

I know another user asked this, but is it possible to get the entire contents of the FTP on 5 or 6 25GB BD-Rs?

I assume this would be an additional charge but my family is griping about me using up the bandwidth for the FTP service so it would be worth it.

Also, are there any differences between the FTP files and the zip files you download directly from the site? I don't want to miss any goodies.

Thanks for your time!

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