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A fundraiser to help the American Classic Arcade Museum


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I read this over at Arcade Heroes and wanted to share. It's sad that yet another arcade in Cali is going down for the count. I wish I lived closer to the American Classic Arcade Museum, that would be something to see. I am sure that it is not a huge profit center, a museum like this is purely run out of love and a hope to preserve some of that arcade element for future generations to experience. Please help them out if you can. And if you have a local arcade visit, support them, you have no idea just how much longer it will be there :cray:


Arcade Infinity Closing

We’ve had some unpleasant news about a popular arcade in Southern California closing it’s doors, Arcade Infinity which is closing this week (BTW- They asked me to mention that the games from AI are for sale, if you are interested in picking something up from them, check out this thread on BemaniStyle.com). It’s not something we want to see anymore of so I hope that this bit of news gets some attention from a popular arcade on the other side of the country – the famous American Classic Arcade Museum. If you’ve seen the documentary The King of Kong then you’ve seen this place; they also brought along the classic games to PAX East last year (which they will do again this year). They have over 300 classic games that the museum meticulously takes care of on a daily basis, the largest collection of such games available to the public in the US.

Unfortunately, keeping these machines maintained is an expensive challenge and as such ACAM is holding a fundraiser to keep things going and to restore more games. Jon Lynch has interviewed Gary Vincent of ACAM where you can get an idea of why they need the funds, you can read that interview here at No Crisis Yet! Also, according to the ACAM website:

The American Classic Arcade Museum (ACAM) in Weirs Beach, NH has many projects in progress and we need your support to see them through to completion. While the museum has approximately 280 games currently available for display, we have just as many games in storage that are in need of restoration. This includes early black & white discrete logic games from Atari, multiple conversion games for Pac-Man cabinets, and rarely seen laserdisc games such as Interstellar by Funai. ACAM would like to get these games restored so they can be enjoyed by the public. We also have several ongoing maintenance projects that need financial support.


American Classic Arcade Museum

If you want to help out, then visit their website here. They have only raised about $2000 so far, let’s help them reach their $25k goal by March 15th!

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That looks like so much fun to be there. It makes me sad to read about these wonderful places closing there doors when I would really enjoy spending time in a place like that.

Damn I hope they raise the 25K that they need. Closing a huge place like that would be tragic :(

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