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(REQ FILLED) Need HQ FLV Snap for a MAME rom

Bill Hunt

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Hey Guys,

Hopeing one of you can help me. I've got a ROM file for an arcade hack that I played back in the 1980s, but that hasn't officially been added to MAME yet. It's Popeye Pac-Man, which was a hack of Hangly Man. I've found the complete ROM file for the game, which is essentially just the hangly.zip with one file swapped, which replaces the Pac-Man character sprite with a Popeye head. I'm using it in MAME as Hangly Man. Is there anyone who can create a HQ FLV video snap for me (for use with HyperSpin) for this ROM? I can e-mail you the hacked Hangly ROM file. Thanks in advance!

BTW, I'm also looking for an Empire Strikes Back snap in HQ FLV format using the AAE emulator, if anyone out there has created one yet.

Happy New Year!


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Thanks, Circo!

Uploading this to the downloads section under Misc Collections.

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