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Nintendo Famicom 3D Boxes Pack

EmuMovies Official 3D Boxes Pack for the Nintendo Famicom (Japan)

Availability - Site, FTP, Sync




Hey guys!

I am updating my Famicom 3D box pack (over 1250 boxes!).
The original one I did was the 2D covers with perspective and an added spine with its corresponding color, but nothing else.
In this new version I am improving the perspective, adding some shadows and lights where its supposed to be, and adding the small box lid at the top.
It is not much, but its a great improvement (at least for me) over the previous set.

Example of old (left) and new (right):

5ad927ea5823f_ChiptoDalenoDaisakusen2(Japan).png.4a4d316f13fd0e1e00080dfd2a7a9a10.png > > > > 5ad927e10f312_ChiptoDalenoDaisakusen2(Japan)copy.png.bb141a172f9a6f8ab01b7397c36e8ae2.png

If you still prefer the old version over the new, do not update, as there are no new games added.



2010 - Street Fighter (Japan).png

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