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Found 13 results

  1. View File Nintendo Entertainment System 3D Box Pack Hey guys! For this set I reviewed all the current content in HS plus some other sites, as I wanted to be as faithful as possible to the original NES boxes, specially with the spines. The main stuff I am utilizing is from @slagram69 and from @Wally Wonka (Thank you guys for your amazing work!). I applied a custom 3d box template for this pack (similar to the Famicom one I did) for the Wally Wonka 2D covers set (and I removed the NES spine logos they all had), and another different template for slagram69's boxes, as those were already 3d, but I modified them to my own taste. In this pack you will find all the games that I have in my set, so expect licensed, unlicensed and protos. Cheers! Submitter Kondorito Submitted 07/28/2018 Category Box Sets & Fills Resolution 409x632 Naming Convention Total Files in Collection 0 File Count 947  
  2. View File MAME 3D Boxes Pack EmuMovies Official 3D Boxes Collection for MAME Arcade Game Availability - Site, FTP, Sync This is a collection of all known official MAME flyers converted to simple 3D Boxes. The idea was to make them look like cardboard boxes. Please note: downloading these files will NOT cover 4885 games as most of the Boxes names are for various different versions of the SAME game. The amount of games covered will depend on what region and MAME roms you have in your setup. If you are using LaunchBox you may want to download my LaunchBox Database set found here, just make sure you sign in first to see the download https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/1190-mame-3d-boxes-3866-launchbox-database-set/ If anyone knows of flyers I am missing could they please send me a link to where I can download them and I will make boxes for them also and add to the collection. Submitter Robin55 Submitted 05/21/2017 Category Artwork Resolution Naming Convention MAME Total Files in Collection 4885 File Count 4885  
  3. View File Nintendo 64 'REAL' 3D Box Pack I wanted to make this set since a long time (not only because I loved how we ended up doing the SNES real 3d box pack with SupraKarma, but because currently there is no standing 3d box pack with real spines for the Nintendo 64). This set contains all the USA releases, plus the Europe region locked ones. The majority of the scans and spines were grabbed from Nintandbox.net (awesome site for printing real Nintendo game boxes), the rest were grabbed from ebay sales and other Google sites. When no proper images were found for spines, I had to make them from scratch. Because of the type of sources, the size of the boxes ended up enormous :) Huge thanks to @SupraKarma, @adamg and @wallmachine for the Nintandbox source scrapping; it was a tedious job, so I really appreciate your help on that. To everybody downloading this pack; bear in mind it is a "real" set; this means that the front and side covers are not pristine, pure B&W with perfect coloring. This set was made with real box scans; some are in better conditions than others. The idea of this is to have a set that could somehow tell a story, that you could relate to, and feel the boxes coming to life. I know it is not for everybody, but since I made it for me, I thought why not share it :) Enjoy! Submitter Kondorito Submitted 06/08/2018 Category Artwork Resolution 1800x1500 Naming Convention File Count 303  
  4. Kondorito

    NEC PC Engine 3D Box Pack

    View File NEC PC Engine 3D Box Pack Availability - Site, FTP, Sync Hey guys! This is the complete (I think) set of NEC PC Engine cases in 3D. Thank you @SupraKarma for your awesome japan jewel cases templates (black and white). I did some minor modifications over them, but the template base is all you my friend! The 2D covers are originally from Tatsuya (from the Libretro forums), but I corrected some stuff in them and changed some color properties. The set consists in black and white jewel cases (as the PC Engine games did not come in boxes like Turbografx-16). The PC Engine games were produced in black jewel cases until the end of '91, and then started releasing in white cases. I reviewed the release date of each of the +300 games so the cases are accurate to it. I must say that I was not able to find proper spine scans for each game, and I did not want to search for them one by one, so what I did is a similar process like I did for the Famicom 3D box set; I created a default spine, and the color of it is customized per game. Enjoy! Submitter Kondorito Submitted 06/01/2018 Category Artwork Resolution 648x634 Naming Convention No-Intro File Count 319  
  5. View File Sony Playstation 3 Disc Games 3D Boxes Pack EmuMovies Official 3D Boxes Pack for the Sony PlayStation 3 Availability - Site, FTP, Sync This is a collection of 770 Playstation 3 3D boxes made from covers downloaded from FreeCovers.net. And The Cover Project. Some of the boxes in the collection have a few different versions to chose from for Europe and the USA, mostly just the age stamp is different, P.E.G.I for Europe and E.S.R.B. for the USA. My PlayStation Store Boxes can be downloaded here: LIST OF PLAYSTATION 3 3D GAME BOXES: Submitter Robin55 Submitted 01/06/2018 Category Artwork Resolution 984x1365 Naming Convention File Count 783
  6. View File Nintendo 3DS eShop 3D Boxes Pack EmuMovies Official 3DS eShop 3D Boxes Pack Availability - Site, FTP, Sync Notes: This is a selection of 326 Nintendo 3DS eShop 3D boxes I have made. The Idea was to make them match with my other 3DS 3D Boxes. I made these so I could have a section in BigBox dedicated to just eShop games. To anyone who finds them useful enjoy. Submitter Robin55 Submitted 02/11/2018 Category Artwork Resolution 860x884 Naming Convention File Count 404  
  7. View File Nintendo Wii U 3D Boxes Pack EmuMovies Official Wii U 3D Boxes Pack Availability - Site, FTP, Sync Notes: This is a collection of 265 Nintendo Wii U 3D Boxes I have made. About half the collection has spine art, which was all that I could find. I have included Zelda Breath Of The Wild even though it was not contained in the official Hyperlist XML. There are one are two covers at a very low resolution, unfortunately that was all I could find for those few. Submitter Robin55 Submitted 01/15/2018 Category Artwork Resolution 989x1472 Naming Convention HyperBase File Count 264  
  8. View File Sony PlayStation 3 PSN 3D Boxes Pack EmuMovies Official 3D Boxes Pack for the Sony PlayStation 3 PSN Store Releases Availability - Site, FTP, Sync This is an almost complete collection of PlayStation 3 - PlayStation Store 3D Boxes. There are 766 Boxes in this collection. Please note these Boxes are Playstation Store ONLY, there are no cross-overs included. Submitter Robin55 Submitted 04/07/2018 Category Artwork Resolution 984x1365 Naming Convention File Count 766  
  9. View File Playstation Pal/Europe 3D Cases European PlayStation 1 3D Box art Submitter Vo0N Submitted 02/27/2018 Category Artwork Resolution Naming Convention File Count 12  
  10. View File PC/Windows 3D Boxes (2868) Availability - Site, FTP, Sync This is a collection of 2868 3D PC Game boxes I have made. The games list is attached. Many of the triple A games and collections are covered to the best of my knowledge (Call of Duty, Tom Clancy's, Battlefield collections etc...) There are also a lot of games that may be from country's like Brazil or may not be well known or children's games but I made boxes for them anyway because who knows when someone somewhere might actually want that particular game so why not cover as much ground as possible. I used the highest resolution available and paid for the privilege however sometimes even at the highest resolution the covers may not be scanned in properly and that was all that was available. Here is a quick tutorial which explains how to make these boxes for your own collection, It does not matter what size the original cover is. The Photoshop action file can be downloaded here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjLLoveKEdv4g6QHkTRH5nHG4pCk7A If a game is not here that you are looking for try my steam covers collection found here: 3D Box List PC .txt Submitter Robin55 Submitted 10/28/2017 Category Artwork Resolution 72 Naming Convention File Count 2868  
  11. View File Microsoft XBOX 360 3D Boxes (Selection of 30 With Cut Video Trailers Included) Small Collection of XBox 360 3D game boxes. Some of these games are working with the Xenia Emulator, Some are not. But for anyone who is following 360 XBox emulation development these boxes should be of use. Submitter Robin55 Submitted 10/12/2017 Category Artwork Resolution 72 Naming Convention none File Count 30  
  12. View File Sega Dreamcast 3D Jewel Case/DVD Case set A 3D jewel case/DVD case set. Credit goes to goofers, Black Hazor, Avar, and fire10 from the HyperSpin community. Special thanks to JSinn and Kondorito from the HyperSpin community. Submitter SupraKarma Submitted 08/16/2017 Category Boxes Resolution 648x634 (Jewel Case), 604x951 (DVD Case) Naming Convention No-Intro Total Files in Collection 0 File Count 387  
  13. View File Sony Playstation 3 3D Boxes (Selection Of 40 With Cut Video Trailers Included) I made these now that the rpcs3 emulator is up and running with RocketLauncher, They are not really official but most of these games are working for the most part with Rpcs3. Most of the games that are working are also only "PlayStation Store" games so they don't really have proper covers anyway. They will have to be resized with a program like "fotosizer" for HyperSpin use I assume. I have Included Trailers that I have cut to remove the Rating and any Ads before they start. Submitter Robin55 Submitted 07/25/2017 Category Artwork Resolution 72 Naming Convention none File Count 40