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Sync to use a list of games?



Sync is Windows only, my emulation box is a Linux box.  This makes it difficult to have Sync read my library to generate a game list.

What I do, is use ls to generate a list of all my titles, and then loop over that list and use touch to generate new, empty files with that name, and copy that to a Windows box to use Sync with.  This is tedious and I have to keep these lists updated whenever I add new titles.

Also when a game has two dozen tracks, like so:

  • Some Game (USA) (Disc 1) (Track 1).bin
  • Some Game (USA) (Disc 1) (Track 2).bin
  • Some Game (USA) (Disc 1) (Track 3).bin
  • ...

I don't need two dozen copies of the artwork.

This brings me to my request.  If Sync could have a list of all titles, from all systems (even if the titles have no assets yet), and you could select which titles you have.  Sync would use this file list to check for assets, rather than (or in addition to) looking at the file system.

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I would like to see this also. Handy for a few things. I don't always have my rom drive connected when I want to sync and sometimes I like to get the art but don't have a full set of roms yet.

FYI the ftp holds everything afaik so you could just grab the files from there direct to your Linux box

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