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  1. @Circo have you thought about extending the sync program to the RetroPie platform? Theres so many projects popping up for the Raspberry Pies its a community producing a lot of media. Like this project....Bezel for every game! (Not krackerman standards but still) https://github.com/thebezelproject
  2. Thanks... embarrassing for me:) Yep doooo it.... Fyi not sure why this didn't post days ago by the editor reloading is really handy sometimes (can't use emojis!!!!)
  3. Am I blind or is it hard to find the video upload guidance? @Circo I checkd FAQ, video forum and downloads/submit files sections. Surprised to not see much info on video standards. I'm sure I can find it and I know its a few seconds title screen 30s ish gameplay but I always forget :) be handy for a reminder. I want to make a start on NeoGeo AES just dont want to upload total crap.
  4. Yeah sure its all the same rom files...its nice to see the different text for the console version is all. I did actually stumble across a method the other day when making some vids for quake expansion packs. You can convert a video with VLC anf choose the output resolution. The output file is much smaller in file size so im guessing quality is not great but on my 37 inch screen at 6ft it looks fine to me. I can pick this one up soon. :)
  5. Ah ok, one of the admins will need to clear that up. There are a bunch of unofficial user uploads that are on tbe ftp. Not mich for GBA All there is for official is.... Checked all user artwork subs and nothing extra. I probably got mine from Hypersync on hyperspin downloads. There is always going to be gaps...not enough contributers to complete everything :(
  6. I'm not sure about your question but I have over 1000 wheel logos for gba, I was doing a little update last night. maybe your talking about other logos. The Hyperspin site has plenty of artwork
  7. I would like to see this also. Handy for a few things. I don't always have my rom drive connected when I want to sync and sometimes I like to get the art but don't have a full set of roms yet. FYI the ftp holds everything afaik so you could just grab the files from there direct to your Linux box
  8. Hey all, I have not created videos before and I am limited on hardware. Currently I can really only use my Shield TV to record. I would like to get a set for the Neo Geo AES console instead of the current arcade set thats used. A little pedantic but meh. If I am going to go through the trouble I may aswell attempt to make them "Official" enough untill one of the big boys gets to it :) Here is the raw recordings I can get from the Shield just so not what to do with the AR as Shield is fixed to 16x9. Can the black bars be removed with software? Its 99mb which I need to cut down on for the full set but this is raw anyway RetroArch_.. I know the guys use Bandicam round here but other than Windows Movie Maker is I have no other experience. Any good free editors to look at. OBS I have seen but not used, not sure if its just a recorder software. Any tips welcome
  9. Well that makes sense :) sometimes i surprise myself with stupid questions lol
  10. @Circo I know you have PSP ongoing but if you get a min could you drop a list of what's captured. Have a little audit going on and wanna work to the same song sheet if possible. Any db your working to would be a super bonus:)
  11. I followed a couple of peeps, not showing up. any tips
  12. Is it an upgrade to the site or a problemo @Circo?
  13. This will be an epic task and one I will watch with anticipation. out of interested will it be done to a specific MAME version database?
  14. I have not grabbed much recently but thanks for the heads up....
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