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Some of you may remember that about a year ago I tested with an economy system/game on the site. It was pretty buggy and was removed about a month into testing. Much time has passed and the bugs seem to be fixed. So I have re-instated an all new EmuMovies Token Exchange. Earn tokens by Participating in our Forums, Giving or Receiving Reputation, Investing in Stocks and More. I've even started adding items and site features that you can get/use with your Tokens.

EmuMovies Token Exchange:

Forum Participation:

Topics and Posts

  • Creating Topic - 100 Tokens
  • Replying in Topic - 50 Tokens
  • Replies to your Topic - 25 Tokens


  • Positive Rep (receiver) - 100 Tokens
  • Negative Rep (receiver) - (50 Tokens)
  • Positive Rep (giver) - 15 Tokens
  • Negative Rep (giver) - 15 Tokens


  • Comment Profile - Commenter - 45 Tokens
  • Comment Profile - Receiver - 90 Tokens



  • Savings Account - Earn Interest
  • Checking Account

Credit Cards

  • EmuMovies Card


  • GMEX - GameEx
  • HPSP - HyperSpin
  • MALA - MaLa
  • MWA - MameWah
  • MXAR - Maximus Arcade
  • FMAC - EmuMovies Forum Activity
  • EMRG - EmuMovies Registrations

Long-Term Investments

  • Mame Cabinets LLC

Shop Items

  • Custom Title - Add a Custom Title to your profile - 1000 Tokens
  • Change Member's Signature - Change Another Member's Signature - 10000 Tokens
  • Steal Tokens - Steal between 1 and 100 Tokens from another member - 50 Tokens
  • Token Lottery - Receive between 1 and 100 tokens - 25 Tokens
  • Upload Emoticon - Upload Emoticon - 500 Tokens

Access the Token exchange under the Fun Stuff Menu or your Profile

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It looks almost like text-based mario party. Changing someone's signature could be fun, but within reason- it could be abused to put something malicious or something that will get the user banned. I get that the steep price is the balance for the use of that power, but I think it has the potential to be abused beyond fun and games. That said, I hope it works!

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