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4x3 arcade bezels


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Hi There I'm currently in the process of making Bezel artwork for Vertical 3:4 and Horizontal 4:3 formats for my entire catalogue of mame games so far I've done about 370+ which has covered the letters A-C of my 1900+roms.

Mine a specific for direct dump into mame artwork folder as they contain the "Lay" file to go with them.

I'm about to post a topic to see what interest I get in this issue.

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Hi Phulshof,

Yes, my ones are going to be for 16:9 tv screensize but keeping to the original 4:3 and 3:4 crt ratios. I found with a lot of the current bezel artwork that i ended up having to minimize the horizontal/vertical in mame to fit the bezel. I do like the bezel artwork that goes all around the screen but personally I find it takes too much of the screen up (top/bottom). I also found that a lot of the bezel artwork have no "lay" which is needed in mame.


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Dbinott, I'm currently putting together 4:3 Horizontal and 3:4 Vertical bezels. currently upto the start of the D's but will need to go back over some of the a-b range as I've now changed the format of the generic bezel with no artwork. 

As I'm going along I'm listing the rom file name per bezel as listed on my rom set within Excel to correspond with the real game name as some rom titles are way different to some filenames. so It'll make it easier for people to look up compare to there own. generally the names should all be the same apart from the odd one or two but hopefully the list will help. an example of this would be the different versions of the game Phoenix, so far i've found versions under the rom name, condor, batman2 and avefenix   

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Hey All, just a quick update. I'm currently upto the letter (R). Have setup over a 1,000 bezels so far and uploaded them onto the Launchbox FE website as it was just easier for me to so it this way. You can find them in the Forum tab/ Downloads/ Platform media/ Bezels & overlays. All the ones under Reevesad username.Theres two bezels for each game, Clear glass and Real glass effect. I've included instructions on how to set these up in Mame, which is pretty straight forward.

Regards, Adam 

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