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Multi System Front Ends


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Does anyone know if it is possible to setup a front end and have it map to different displays?
I would like to mount  2 screens, with one setup vertical in order to allow for better aspect ration of things like Pinball/Vertical scrollers etc.

Has anyone done this before - and do any FE's support this?

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Isn't this just a matter of setting your launchers up to select the proper display? I'm not sure how Windows handles screen selection for full-screen programs, but once you figure that out it should be easy to set up any front-end to handle this for you.

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I found this discussion on the topic: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/52755/what-determines-the-monitor-my-app-runs-on

1. Open the application.
2. Re-size the window so that it is not maximized or minimized.
3. Move the window to the monitor you want it to open on by default.
4. Close the application.  Do not re-size prior to closing.
5. Open the application.
   It should open on the monitor you just moved it to and closed it on.
6. Maximize the window


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