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  1. You need to use command line mode. Here is a tutorial on how to do it: https://www.macxdvd.com/mac-dvd-video-converter-how-to/ffmpeg-avi-to-mp4-free.htm
  2. I noticed the file names were different from the other atari 7800 roms and artwork I had. I hacked together this bash script to rename them (run from Media\Atari 7800\Images\) #!/bin/bash ls ./Artwork2|grep "\.png$" > art2 ls ./Artwork4|grep "\.png$" > art4 while read line do rootName=$(echo $line|sed 's/(.*//') if [[ $(cat art2|grep "^$rootName"|wc -l) -eq 1 ]]; then art2Name=$(cat art2|grep "^$rootName") mv "./Artwork4/$line" "./Artwork4/$art2Name" fi done < art4
  3. I was looking for a good guide to setup Jaguar emulation, thanks. One frustration of trying to use Virtual Jaguar outside of retroarch is that once it is in full screen you can't get it out of full screen.
  4. for example I found this one: http://download.cnet.com/Free-FLV-to-MP4-Converter/3000-2194_4-10910543.html
  5. There are many free flv to avi converters out there, why do you need to pay $20 for one?
  6. How hard is it to adapt Hyperspin setup with databases, media, roms, etc on windows to emulationstation on linux?
  7. Hi, I'm new to this site, liking it so far. I have some video snaps for NES that are name compatible with the XML from hyperlist. So someone using that database file could use these snaps directly. If I wanted to share them, should I upload to a new submission or add it to the existing one: That one seems to be the japanese version of all the names. I also have box arts
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