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MSX Videos


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I've started making videos for the MSX / MSX 2 system.

About 100 so far, which has been uploaded to the FTP (TSCC format).

Videos are all 640 x 480, with gameplay then a fade to title.

This is part of a wider project that I'm doing for an Xtras pack for the MSX. Which will include Box Art, Screenshots, Tiles, Videos, Gamefaqs, Synopsis, VGmaps .etc

Here's the project page:

MSX Xtras

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Finally someone giving MSX some love! Thanks for doing this.

So from the Xtras site I see:

MSX Carts = 508

MSX Disks = 103

MSX 2 Carts = 96

MSX 2 Disks = 48

Homebrew = 95

Total = 850

Are you thinking on adding all these games? Pretty challenging task if so :)

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I have all the roms sorted like above......

My hope is to add more disk based games towards the end. So maybe 1000 in total!

Oh, must thank djvj for his excellent tutorials, made my workflow very easy and smooth-sailing :thumbsup:

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That was my hope when I made them, it would let others step up and start making move vids! It's not hard at all after you make a couple.

Your tutorials were really good, I need to make some too, but not all approve of my crazy methods :D

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This is the carts for MSX (1), so does not include the MSX 2 carts yet.

The MSX (1) No-Intro set (2010-5-25) has 937 roms altogether. What I did was take out the following...

Alt (Japan) - 304

Alt (Europe) - 7

Alt (Korea) - 4

Beta - 2

BIOS - 1

Cheat Device - 2

Compilations - 3

Demo - 1

Duplicates - 5

Has Translation - 6

Not Working - 1

Programs - 50

Text Heavy - 55

If you look at my sig and click on "MSX Compatibilty List", that is what I am working on.

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I have collected about 400 covers so far, from Moby Games and Generation MSX mainly. Went through them and cleaned them up a bit, but someone with better skills is welcome to improve on them. :thumbsup:

I can upload them to the FTP also, if you like.(started to upload them)

Also have 144 Cart scans... I'll upload these too.

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That would be great, thanks. I'm not an artist myself, but I'll ask a couple of good ones that do a lot of great work for HS to have a look and see if they can improve the ones that need it, also we will aim to have a 3D set done in case you're interested, probably with a standard spine since I don't think it would be possible to find spine scans for all those games.

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I've made a further 92 MSX 2 videos (carts) and 50 MSX 2 videos (disks). They have been uploaded to my FTP folder. Also uploaded some more Box fronts and some cart shots.

I'm taking a small break from videos, while I make some miscellaneous screenshots for the EmuXtras I'm also working on.

Still have about 100 homebrew videos todo, and then will start adding some more MSX 2 disks, and some MSX 2 carts I might of missed.

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