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LaunchBox EmuMovies issue - "Unable to login to EmuMovies"


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Hi guys,

Just getting the above message when trying to login to my EmuMovies account via LaunchBox so that it polls for media. I have a lifetime membership which I signed up for the other day and can clearly log into this site with no issues. I posted on the LB forums and they tell me it's not an LB issue, but likely API issues with EmuMovies ?

Has anyone seen this before and, if so, is there a fix, or do we just have to wait until the issue is resolved?

Thanks a lot guys - much appreciated


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Hi Circo,

Thanks for the assistance. I've just raised a support ticket as I can't login using the sync tool either. Both LB and Sync tool fail to log me in successfully. Very odd as I can successfully log into the EM forums with my credentials - they just don't seem to work through LB or EM sync tool.

I've put all the details in the support ticket. 



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