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Anyone got 3D Cover templates for photoshop?


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I'm using the 3dCover pack for the Atari 2600 with a No-Intro set, and there are quite a few missing covers.

The Rom Launcher I'm using can download the 2D covers.

If anyone has a psd template for a 3D Cover could they up it somewhere and i can use that with 2D covers I've already downloaded.

I'm not great with Photoshop, but I reckon i could Knock up a few covers a day.  It would be nice to properly finish the collection i downloaded from here..


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3 hours ago, DamnedRegistrations said:

Here you go. This is all the psd templates I have from the box sets I've worked on over the years at Hyperspin. Hope you'll find what you need.


Thanks! I can use the 5200 template..

Exactly what I needed... I'm not a photoshop expert so they will help me...

I'm using a a 2017 No-intro  romset for the Atari 2600, so there are a few differences between the ones hosted on this site and the romset.

If they turn out any good I'll up them

Thanks Again :-)

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I'm very OCD with my covers.  Relatively new to using launchbox.  Brand new to EmuMovies (hi!) and love it already.

Very experienced in photoshop, but going nuts trying to find any official actions and psds for game covers.  basically looking to automate 2d box fronts > 3d boxes.  my meticulously edited art for my huge plex library tells me that ending up with slightly off 3d box art is going to drive me insane.

i've mistakenly come across a few borked covers by having bad file names imported.  so i think there are in fact templates capable of batch automating the 3d covers.

any help will be very appreciated.  i intend to share any rare/custom covers i can help fill in the gaps with around here once i find what i'm looking for.  thanks in advance!


edit:  "actions" is not what i meant.  my bad.  here's a [bad] example of what i'll be creating myself for if i don't end up finding them.  


Edited by fukc
incorrect term used "actions", added video example
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