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  1. and just fyi.. you guys did improve the 'real' box with your 'top left curve' layer. by actually folding the box back up, you'd end up with that visible 'inside/white' edge, well not visible with the perspective you used. hope that made sense. see example: anyway, i'm not picking at you. no idea if that was intentional, but aesthetically, i think it's better your way.
  2. absolutely! with 'cleanup' i mostly meant how the edges of the 3 images fit together. i see how you got this all to work now. always super interesting to see other techniques in practice. would have never crossed my mind to attempt this sans masking. totally adds to the charm. i'd have over complicated that with worse results.
  3. thanks for this! wait, so in addition to your cleanup work... have you guys been manually slicing out the 3 images each time then?
  4. gotcha. that's what i figured you'd end up doing since you had actual cut-open boxes to start with.. (edges weren't identical i'm sure). yes please! sizing should match your pngs i just downloaded from you.. all i would need is the action, yeah?
  5. makes sense. if you don't mind, and have the psd handy: i don't necessarily need all the layers included. wanted to use your psd... A. for additional snes games. (the homebrew/proto images are nice, but I'd prefer creating custom box art for those) and B. as reference for additional platforms.. though obviously i don't have access to a million physical game boxes/scans. seems you guys ended up with great results. id love to start with something that works for batch exporting. i strongly dislike the current GBC 3D boxes I have. terrible lighting effect: PS I've since tested out a slightly-dated version of "imandix cover pro". seems promising, but lacking in a few options i'm willing to stick with PS for.
  6. thanks @SupraKarma. i had to make a hyperspin account to get your files.. maybe signing up there will help in my efforts too. ok, long download... these are beautiful, but still all pngs. any luck finding the psd for these? i'm excited to help carry the torch on your project if you'll have me.
  7. thanks @SupraKarma lemme know. just realizing i'm going to have to get cart psds together at some point too.
  8. @SupraKarma do you happen to have the psds handy while @Kondorito is away? i think i know the crappy / somewhat popular logo you mentioned. hoping to create a user friendly psd with a tutorial to help us all avoid things like that further spreading their ugly selves.
  9. a good start friend. if you're looking to add a few more these games should be easy to pull videos for. you'll still need to chop them down though. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Flash_games_ported_to_consoles
  10. i have the video snaps all muted through bigbox already. seems im wasting hdd space with audio tracks included in so many little gameplay videos. Easy enough to get handbrake involved, but is there an easy option to strip audio? .. like a checkbox I'm overlooking in EmuMovies Sync that's right below "Remove fade in from start of video"? (It's not there btw. where's my sarcastic reverse italic typeface at you internets?) cheers!
  11. @Kondorito dig it! i'd really like to see the psds you set up when you get back. how automated do you have things? still working out how to auto with slight variations in box-front img dimensions and batching.. really liking this look though. perhaps my time will be spent "faking" a few overlays to match this instead :) i'm new here. are there official psds in place already i haven't found yet? or everyone is kinda wild [wild] west here with it? PS. i just reread that yours is all from og scans, so my initial worries of repetitive scratches have turned to nothing but excitement to see your set. thanks again!
  12. so, my comment on this post started a project for myself i was not counting on. i thought i was going to be manually creating 3D boxes for just a few hard-to-find / ugly-art-having games in my library. for example, the best 3D box a quick search for Earthbound Uncut on SNES got me. unusable. turns out the "official" snes boxes at the angle I prefer are all a bit borked. compared to an actual snes game box it looks unnatural. check out the front-left box edge in the attached zoomed in earthbound box with just a white bg applied behind the standard pngs i've been downloading. just began, so I'll be tweaking the template a bit, and making it available on here at some point soon. here's some boxes i made from the rough draft template for games i couldn't find images for. the v1 template just adds perspective to box front images. not great, but better than nothing. cheers!
  13. I'm very OCD with my covers. Relatively new to using launchbox. Brand new to EmuMovies (hi!) and love it already. Very experienced in photoshop, but going nuts trying to find any official actions and psds for game covers. basically looking to automate 2d box fronts > 3d boxes. my meticulously edited art for my huge plex library tells me that ending up with slightly off 3d box art is going to drive me insane. i've mistakenly come across a few borked covers by having bad file names imported. so i think there are in fact templates capable of batch automating the 3d covers. any help will be very appreciated. i intend to share any rare/custom covers i can help fill in the gaps with around here once i find what i'm looking for. thanks in advance! edit: "actions" is not what i meant. my bad. here's a [bad] example of what i'll be creating myself for if i don't end up finding them.
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