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Commodore 64 Video's


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Getting "all" the video snaps will be impossible, as there are currently more than 25k games documented, and we'll probably never even document them all if we also consider local productions in non-english countries.

But of course you should hope to get all the video snaps of YOUR games! You can add your requests to this thread, but be prepared for long waiting times as there are already hundreds of requests* (also from other threads): 

If you make your own video snaps, you can also keep an eye on the list of those I am currently making, so that you avoid duplicate work:


*I don't make video snaps on a first-come-first-served basis, otherwise I'd be still working on the first request list I ever got. Rather, I usually pick a bunch of titles from each list so that everyone gets at least a few requests fulfilled every now and then.

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13 hours ago, Audi85 said:

I've been making new C64 snaps that I'll be submitting to Circo soon.

Awesome! Please try to synchronize with the others so that we avoid duplicate work. You can post the list of games you're working on in the same thread as mine (link above) if you wish.

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