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Hi Guys,

Just filling in some holes on my Gamecube system and the videos havent been updated since 2014. Dolphin has a come a long way since then and some of the games showing as not playable are indeed now playable.  Is anybody working on this? If not, I will get on it!


Edit: Just checked the FTP and can see @xALPHAxOMEGAx uploaded some 3 days ago. Props to you sir, saves me a job.

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Getting ready to start a version 2.0 set for gamecube soon.  You down to help?

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if you're interested in helping me how can we get in touch. 
i have a spreadsheet im working from
i already got a bunch finished. 

i got all of the games that previously only had place holders done
all the games that were newly added to the xml 
now im working on all the games that are not on the xml 
then ill move to redoing the rest of the games that already have videos

P.S. You creeping on me :'] lol 

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