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  1. RLBradders26

    Sony PS3 - Video Snaps

    View File Sony PS3 - Video Snaps I made some placeholder video snaps, they are youtube rips as not all the games are playable in rpcs3 yet. All videos are 480x854, are not adverts and are all of actual gameplay. I am always careful not to include videos with watermarks so if you find any please let me know and i will redo it. They aren't amazing but thought i would share as its better to have this than nothing. Note: I used a capture card and my actual ps3 for Skate so may go back and redo the rest using this method when I have some time. 42 Games included: -50 Cent - Blood on the Sand -Def Jam - Icon -Demons Souls -Destiny -Drakengard 3 -FIFA Street 3 -FIFA Street -God of War 3 -Gran Turismo 5 -Gran Turismo 6 -Heavy Rain -inFAMOUS 2 -inFAMOUS -Journey -Killzone 2 -Killzone 3 -Last of Us, The -LittleBigPlanet 2 -LittleBigPlanet 3 -LittleBigPlanet -Metal Gear Solid IV - Guns of the Patriots -Motorstorm -Persona 5 -Ratchet and Clank - Into the Nexus -Ratchet and Clank Future - A Crack in Time -Red Dead Redemption -Resistance - Fall of Man -Resistance 2 -Resistance 3 -Ridge Racer 7 -Silent Hill - Downpour -Skate 2 -Skate 3 -Skate -Soul Calibur IV -Soul Calibur V -SSX -UFC Undisputed 3 -Uncharted - Drakes Fortune -Uncharted 2 - Among Thieves -Uncharted 3 - Drakes Deception -Yakuza 4 Submitter RLBradders26 Submitted 03/05/2018 Category Game Videos Resolution 480x854 Naming Convention Frame Rate 30 FPS Total Files in Collection 0 File Count 42  
  2. RLBradders26

    Nintendo 3DS 3D Boxes Pack

    You sir are an absolute don! Really appreciate it.
  3. RLBradders26

    Nintendo 3DS 3D Boxes Pack

    Thanks for getting back to me. I had a look at your template and action and see what you mean. I couldn't find authentic spines for any of the games I am missing. Ive attached a zip folder with the best quality front covers I could find, if you could add in your generic spine that would be amazing. I can then run your actions and get them made up or if your happy to do then great. Really appreciate your help. Missing_Boxes.zip
  4. RLBradders26

    Nintendo 3DS 3D Boxes Pack

    @Robin55 Really awesome work, great quality. Any chance you could upload the template and photoshop action (if you use one) I have 12 missing boxes. Missing artwork drives me insane!
  5. RLBradders26

    Movie Themes

    Theres about a thousand in the hyperspin download section. They dont have their own section though, they are just in Submitted 4:3 Themes.
  6. @DamnedRegistrations Thanks, that really helps. Can't wait to get started.
  7. @DamnedRegistrations Any chance you can post your Fraps settings. Also there's a few things I am still unsure of. At what point is the video sized? If i record record at full screen its going to be massive. Ive had a look on the FTP to see what other people have done and there is a variety of sizes, which is correct? Lastly, what format should these be submitted in? Sorry for all the questions I would just rather get this right.
  8. RLBradders26


    @Circo Let me know what you need.
  9. RLBradders26


    Hi Guys, Just filling in some holes on my Gamecube system and the videos havent been updated since 2014. Dolphin has a come a long way since then and some of the games showing as not playable are indeed now playable. Is anybody working on this? If not, I will get on it! Edit: Just checked the FTP and can see @xALPHAxOMEGAx uploaded some 3 days ago. Props to you sir, saves me a job.
  10. Hey @Circo are there any plans to update the original guide? Or is that still good to use?
  11. RLBradders26

    Wii U Video Snaps

    Thanks kbriggs did you ever get around to the non xml games? Minecraft - Super Mario Edition Paper Mario Color Splash Tokyo Mirrage Sessions Trine 2 You're the man for sharing this tho, keep up the good work.