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How to deal with missing artwork?



So I started with EmuMovies sync and it does a wonderful job of populating media for my front end for all my emulators.  

Now I've found that for each emulator I have 5-10% of games that are missing artwork.   While that's great, some of them are pretty common games, I suspect EmuMovies has existing artwork but my ROMs may be named in a way that prevents EmuMovies Sync from finding them.

I tried to look on the FTP server in hopes of being able to browse through the available files to see what is actually there vs. what might just be named wrong on my end.  But alas, the FTP is a completely different thing.   

Example: One of the files I have that was missing any artwork was NES "Lifeforce (U).zip".   This was named by the GoodNES tool at some point over the years.    I renamed that to "Life Force (U).zip" and now EmuMovies has all the artwork for it.  

Is there any way to get access to the list of available content, so I can square my ROM list up to match?


I noticed the video files are individual in the FTP.   So I was able to use that.  It went pretty well for NES.   SNES, not so much.    I renamed many files to match what I saw on the FTP but they don't come through with Sync.    Some really obvious ones like Super Street Fighter II and Yoshi's Island.   Oof.    I'm sure Yoshi's island is somewhere on your server, but I don't know the name.  :) 


*Edit 2*

I found most of them by using the FTP naming but without the (USA) extensions at the end.  

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Hi!! same here. I'm trying to find the "wheel logos" for every missing game using sync. I'm looking for them over the ftp with no luck so it would be nice to have an FTP tree map.

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