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  1. Love that one when it works, sometimes it fights me on reading any input.
  2. Pixel vision looks legit! This website!!! Like a hundred awesome things I didn't even know were out there
  3. Its coming along fast, 6 months ago looked crappy. Impressive! Awesome video, might have to check back into Citra
  4. I didn't even know about the Punch-out hack, THANK YOU!
  5. Street fighter II as a kid when Nintendo was what we had at home. AMAZING!
  6. If the sync thing is up to date, gonna be stoked. Will save tons of time
  7. Aren't there master lists of the proper game titles?
  8. If you try to manually add in the individual game, it allows you to search different names to try and track something specific. Gotta be a master list somewhere
  9. Just starting to play with Launchbox, seems so much easier to set up than Hyperspin!!!
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