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Can't get Mame Unified Bezels to work


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My Current bezels in mame work fine but as soon as i take out the old version I have for tron and put the new version in the artwork folder instead, then I have no bezels at all showing for it. Can these only be used with a certain version or something

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k so it is this rocket launcher, tried that and it was horrible but i was able to extract the .png and put it in the orihinal artwork file to work. I only need a few of them so I guess that's the best way. I use Mgalaxy for my launcher

Thanks for the Reply :o)


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From what I recall, the unified set is defined for use with RocketLauncher. If you need bezels for use directly in MAME you should check out my MAME set in the Upload section of the FTP in stead.

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