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Number #4

This weekend was my long weekend and my friends decided to come down from Newcastle and ironically it happened to be on the weekend of this event. This is my third event now and I brought friend to their first. This day proved to be a lot more interesting compared the the previous 2 times I came. This event was the most crowded event I've been too. If you don't believe me just look at my first video.

The first part is just a simple introduction to the event and me shilling the event as I always do ( I make no apologies about this). While I introduced the main man Zee (the organizer of the event with the use of a gamers pub (yes they exist and it got my friends thinking as well why there wasn't a place like this up north).  Anyways I did  play a few games this time including double dash which I never played before. I plan on doing a podcast soon with Zee about retrogames and modern games and how the love and hate of video games define us. but going back on subject. We came to this event and boy was it fun ( as proof of this next video)

I give another tour of the venue. Why I do not know I do this but unlike last time the pub got a fully working Tekken 3 machine which is an awesome machine in itself. I admit the emulated system they use for the projector is actually quite good but I forgot how much I hate Atomic FE as a front-end. it looks terrible and isn't all that interesting to look at but it's functional. But really getting back on subject The event was an exciting mix of older gamers and younger being introduced to older systems.

this 3rd video starts me looking at a Megadrive which was Streets of rage 3 (which I thought was the weakest of the 3). I loved the first one, was ok on the second one and the third one was the same as 2 which didn't please me because sequels are supposed to add something new to the series and with 3 they didn't do that. However I got talking to a pinball machine repair person while there and we got talking about old machines including pinball machines. I was talking to him for about 20 minutes before I had to leave. I hope to talk to this gentleman again sometime. I got his website address and looked at it. its for reconditioned and new pinball machines hire and maintenance site which I would like to look at because When I get money I will buy a a dataeast star wars Pinball Machine because its a decent cab in my eyes. Anyways I plan coming onto this subject again another time I plan on doing a podcast with this pinball engineer. for you pinball heads out there in the UK this is the guys website   http://pinballmachines.co.uk/

Anyways, that's enough from me today. I hope you give me a shout out and most of all stay frosty and play those classics as they never DIE!


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