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EM WorkFlow

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The goal of this package is to speed things along for contributors to EmuMovies, in the way of video creation.

The code is open so feel free to tweak, enhance and create new tools as you see fit.

This is currently a package of tools meant to be used through the SendTo context menu item.

The package currently expects\requires the following software to be installed:


Installed to: .\Program Files\AACGain\


Installed to: .\Program Files\AviSynth 2.5\

faac encoder

Installed to: .\Program Files\MPlayer\codecs\


Installed to: .\Program Files\MPlayer\


Installed to: .\Program Files\MP3Gain\


Installed to: .\Program Files\MP4Box\

On2 VP6 6.4.2



Installed to: .\Program Files\VirtualDub\

More Prep:

Extract "AviSynth Plugins.rar" into: .\Program Files\AviSynth 2.5\plugins\

Extract "EM WorkFlow.rar" into: .\Program Files\EM WorkFlow\

Inside the "EM WorkFlow" folder double click "Create SendTo Shortcuts.exe" this will quickly create some shortcuts in your SendTo folder.

Now the next execution you need to leave your keyboard & Mouse alone till you see the "A" icon disappear from you SystemTray which should be within a few seconds...basically you'll notice some dialogs no longer flashing on your screen. :morning2: Okay double click on "Create VP62 Settings.exe" this will execute "vfw2menc.exe" in the MPlayer folder...which in turn executes the "vp6vfw.dll" which brings up some dialogs that must be set for encoding to FLV.

EM TSCC Conversion

This is used on Parent Folder to batch convert using VirtualDub to convert from a larger Video LossLess Codec to TSCC which is the smallest one currently known of.

EM AviSynth Basic

This is used on the Parent Folder to batch create AviSynth scripts for single videos. At present the AviSynth scripts just allow loading of videos that use DirectShow or VFW codec's that can't be used by certain applications.

EM AVI to Sub Folder

This is used on the Parent Folder to batch create & move AVI's into sub folders named after them.

EM VirtualDub Folder Batch

This is used on the Parent Folder to batch process videos in sub folders that don't have a Game.avi or Title.avi present.

EM AviSynth Advance

This is used on the Parent Folder to batch create AviSynth scripts that virtually join Game & Title AVI's on a per sub folder bases, these scripts also have a Dissolve transition at join points. Scripts are stored in a new AVS sub folder.

EM Video Encode

This is used on the Parent Folder to batch encode AVI, FLV, MP4 based on the AVS files present in the Parent's Sub Folder. This is still very crude...think of it as a semi working demo. :)

Anyways suggestions and contributions welcome.

** Update 1 **

Corrected Basic AviSynth script generator & enhanced both basic & advanced AviSynth script generators.

Attached required AviSynth plugin's extract in AviSynth's Plugin folder.

** Update 2 **

Added more links to parts of Tool Chain.

Added "Em Video Encode" demo.

Made alterations to Basic & Advanced AVS script creation.

** Update 3 **

Enhanced both basic & advanced AVS script generation, now creates scripts based on multiples of 4 & 8 in both HQ & SQ.

Enhanced "EM Video Encode" to calculate bitrate based off surface area of the video for both HQ & SQ.

Disabled FLV encoding in "EM Video Encode" till I can set bitrate per video.

AviSynth Plugins.rar

EM WorkFlow.rar

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