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SQ | American Laser Games | Video Snaps | Pack


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SQ | American Laser Games | Video Snaps | Pack

EmuMovies Official Video Snap Pack for American Laser Games

Availability - Site, FTP & Sync

Captures & Edits by @Circo

High Quality Sample

Standard Quality Sample


High Quality

(FTP, Sync)

Resolution 640x480
Video Count 7
Total Size 15MB
Frame Rate 60
Audio 192 kbit/s

Standard Quality

(Site, FTP, Sync)

Resolution 320x240
Video Count 7
Total Size 8MB
Frame Rate 30
Audio 128 kbit/s

  • Submitter
  • Submitted
  • Category
  • Resolution
    SQ 320x240
  • Naming
  • Frame Rate
    30 FPS
  • File Count


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      I did it for my personal use. I'm sharing it in case anyone is interested.

    • By eduguest
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      I did it for my personal use. I'm sharing it in case anyone is interested.

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