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No video clips?



Do I need a premium account to have the video option in the drop down list in the sync program?  I don't see it...

See attached.


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It's currently in basic mode

Feature List

  • Support for over 100 different systems
  • Notifies you upon startup if any sets you have previously downloaded have been updated
  • Allows you to only view those sets so you can easily update your artwork and video packs
  • Downloads artwork to match your roms (only what you need to save space)
  • Automatic renaming (requires no user input, artwork and videos will match your roms)
  • Ability to individually download sets or all at once
  • Tied into the EmuMovies member system (access is immediate)
  • Limited mode for basic Members (All artwork packs supported, 250MB/day limit)
  • Video Snap downloads for Supporting Members
  • On the fly conversion to AVI for front ends that only support AVI format.
  • Plus more!
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Thanks.  I clicked on Supporting Members, but get an error page....

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I think I need to fix that link just click the donate button on the menu

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