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Low Quality/SD Hyperspin FLVs


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On the FTP, one can find AVI versions of the movies in Hi and Low qualities.

I have noticed that the Hyperspin FLV section of the FTP, there is often only a SD (standard def) version of a given set of movies.

I am sure that one can convert the hi-quality versions of the AVIs into FLVs... but that sounds... time consuming to say the least.

Where is the love for your Hyperspin Bros.?

I think if I have to listen to the squeal of a low quality Atari 2600 video for one more minute, my brain might melt and fall out my ear. ;)

Yours, :)


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There may be a few sets where this is true but you have to keep in mind that many sets do not yet have a hiq version. Atari 2600 for example ;-)

Slowly but surely those sets that were released in sq are being remade but they are very time consuming and take a long time to release. But if you see a particular set that is available in hiq avi format but not yet converted into flv put in a request and I will see if I can bump it up on the priority list.

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